350 Maine Holds Statewide Meeting

As Hurricane Sandy bears down on the east coast, it was great to see this positive email from our friend, and 350 Maine coordinator, Bob Klotz.

Hi All!

Just a quick note to report in on a few things…reinforcing the reality of things continuing to progress towards an incredible night in Portland on 11/13!
Today, we had our first ever 350 Maine Statewide Meeting – quite a success…including a strong commitment to SOLIDARITY – including with the incredible activists in Texas with the Tar Sands Blockade (the attached picture intentionally created to reinforce our support of their courage). 
We had quite the turn-out – with LOTS of passion for all things 350…and tremendous excitement for the DO THE MATH Tour. And a great multi-generational vibe…with many students!
And – through the magic of Skype: Melodeego!!
Wish we had recorded it –  but it was a great chance, during our Do the Math breakout workshop, to talk with Greg, Mark and Peter of Melodeego. Mutual excitement expressed…with an agreement to consider pre-Tour promotion. Appreciate the guys taking the time with us as they were preparing to play at the 350MA Vigil.
I’m thinking that their powerful message – and music – will help keep us all grounded with the impending “storm” (both literal and figurative) – and express appreciation for the wonderful experience that has already begun!
Thanks to all for making this happen…looking forward to continuing to play together over the coming weeks – and beyond. 
Bob Klotz
Team 350 Maine



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