Reject & Protect Opening Ceremony in Washington, DC

President Obama has new neighbors. This morning, led by 24 riders on horseback, the Cowboy Indian Alliance officially opened the Reject and Protect tipi camp on the National Mall. Surrounded by tribal flags, flags flying the family brands of Nebraska ranchers, (and dozens of reporters from media sources of every kind) they rode onto the... (More...)
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What just happened on Keystone XL:

Friends, Today’s Keystone XL news from DC is both important and murky. In brief, the Obama administration announced yet another delay in their decision about the pipeline, meaning it may be past the midterm elections before a final call is made. Three things strike me: In pipeline terms it’s a win. Every day we delay... (More...)
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Striking: indigenous Komi people in Russia are fed up with oil

Read this article in Russian This guest article by Greenpeace Russia continues the discovery of front-line indigenous communities resisting to fossil fuel giants in order to protect their unique identities and precious nature. Determination showed by Komi can mark a revival of Russia’s protest movement, an expert says.  On April 11th the municipal council of... (More...)
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