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Energy East = Climate Change

This blog was written by members of Stop Energy East Halifax NDP MP and environment critic Megan Leslie recently sent postcards to all her constituents asking them to support the NDP’s  Climate Change Accountability Act. Today, just after NDP leader Tom Mulcair boasted his continued support for a ‘west-to-east pipeline’, a dozen organizers from Stop Energy... (More...)
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Two Senators who should NOT be voting for Keystone XL:

Friends, Wednesday morning, as news of President Obama’s new climate goals spread, a new poll was released showing Keystone XL is less popular than ever — particularly with the President’s own party. But by that afternoon, the most oil-soaked Senators in Congress were on the floor pushing for a vote to force approval of Keystone... (More...)
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Heads in the sand at Bondi – our message to Tony Abbott on his climate change policies!

It’s pretty clear that on climate change, Tony Abbott’s head is well and truly buried in the sand. To appropriately salute the sheer mindlessness of Australia’s Prime Minister as world leaders gather for the G20 in Brisbane, hundreds of people did something extraordinary today. Absurd? Inconceivable? A bit crazy? Yes, but that’s exactly what Tony... (More...)
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Grassroots in Russia: fighting for forests, fighting for climate

Forests and climate So-called carbon capture and storage facilities (CCSF) are among the most sophisticated solutions invented by mankind to tackle climate change. Such an installation in Houston has cost about half a billion dollars, and its construction will take year. At the same time, we have already had the most powerful CCSFs for free:... (More...)

All the times we’ve been counted out on Keystone XL:

After the 2014 midterm elections, professional pundits and politicians have once again started saying that the Keystone XL pipeline is destined for approval. We’ve heard this story before. In fact, it’s the story the climate movement has been told every single day since we took on this fight against Keystone XL in 2011. And just... (More...)
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