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Tuesday: Reject Keystone XL Now!

Friends, President Obama is on the brink of making his final decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline — last Friday, the Nebraska Supreme Court validated the pipeline’s risky route through the state, moving the pipeline onto his desk. That makes the coming weeks a critical period to demonstrate to the President that we... (More...)
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The Nebraska Supreme Court Decision on Keystone XL

Friends, Earlier today, the Nebraska Supreme Court avoided ruling on the current Keystone XL route in Nebraska, allowing the pipeline route to stand in the state. Landowners had been counting on the courts to protect them from TransCanada’s bullying attempts to run tar sands through their homes. As happens all too often with Big Oil,... (More...)
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One more nail in the coffin for European coal

As if the signs of nature itself weren’t enough, this week the global community received another strong steer from Nature (with a capital N – the prestigious scientific journal) that keeping most coal in the ground is the only way to contain climate change. The numbers are particularly dire for Europe, where 21% of oil... (More...)
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2015: The Year We Turn Away from Tar Sands

In 2014 Naomi Klein popularized the term “blockadia” in her book This Changes Everything using the term as a sort of catch-all to describe the grassroots insurgency emerging across the globe in the face of extreme energy development. This past year also saw the continued desperate push by tar sands peddlers to build more pipelines, new... (More...)
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Vermont’s Harvard Alumni Club Backs Fossil Fuel Divestment

We just got this great news in our inbox here at 350.org: the Harvard Radcliffe Club of Vermont, the alumni organization for the state, has officially backed fossil fuel divestment. They’re the first Harvard alumni club to support the cause, although we’re hoping that many more will follow. If you’re a alumnus of a college... (More...)
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