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Burundi: Climate Impacts Hit Bujumbura

By Genny Ndayisenga, Burundi Global Power Shift Participant Sunday, February 9, 2014. It is 10:00 pm and  I stumble across posts from friends online who live in the northern suburbs of Bujumbura. They talk about heavy rains pouring down in their neighborhoods. Some even say they cannot go home because roads are flooded and no... (More...)
Africa Climate Impacts

In 20 years, this part of Africa might have actually melted

When you think of Africa, melting glaciers probably don’t usually come to mind. But the Rwenzori Mountains rise 5000m from the heart of Africa along the Equator, and they’ll defy your expectations. This film, Snows of the Nile, follows the journey of a couple brave souls trying to capture photographs of these glaciers and the... (More...)
Africa Climate Impacts

Rwandan GPS team keeps growing

Valentine Dushimiyimana was the unique participant selected to attend the Istanbul summit last June from Rwanda. This country is among those where tough decisions have to be made to select only one talented and skilled applicant for phase 1. However, this 27 year-old young lady worked hard and demonstrated competency and leadership. Valentine with other…... (More...)
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