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Azerbaijan: Climate Impacts in Mountain Villages

Read this article in Russian The republic of Azerbaijan in Southern Caucasus, where Western Asia and Eastern Europe meet, boasts a rich cultural heritage, unique biodiversity as well as large oil and natural gas reserves. The country’s name itself translates into ‘The Land of the (Holy) Fire’, perhaps referring to flames of burning gas observed on its... (More...)
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Poles want energy transition to renewables = no new coal!

Guest blog from Diana Maciąga, Global Power Shift participant and organiser for the Association Workshop for All Beings/ StopEP campaign The vast majority of Poles want their country to take strong action on climate change and shift to renewable energy. This is the result of a representative nationwide poll by TNS Polska in March 2014... (More...)
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UPDATE: 350 Volunteer in Ukraine Released

According to information received on March 12, Kateryna, alongside the rest of the group who went missing, have been released and are on their way back to Kiev. We thank all those who helped by sharing the earlier post in solidarity as we sought to confirm their well-being.   (More...)
Eastern Europe Power Shift Volunteer Amongst Three Women Taken in Ukraine by Men in Unmarked Military Uniforms

Three women are missing after being detained in the Crimean border city of Armiansk, Ukraine Ukraine — A volunteer organizer, Kateryna Butko, is missing along with two other women after the three were detained by men in unmarked military uniforms in the the city of Armiansk, Ukraine yesterday. “We are very concerned about Kateryna’s... (More...)
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Yanukovich regime earns billions on illegal coal mining

A guest post by an energy and climate activist Oleg Savitsky from Ukraine on how current government benefits from coal, leading to unjustice and adding to climate change.   Donbasenergo brutal grab Ukrainian thermal power plants are old, inefficient and extremely polluting. Ukrainian TPPs have one of the lowest levels of technical, economic and environmental... (More...)
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Be part of the ray of hope (and stop Europe’s largest planned new coal plant)

Guest blog from Diana Maciąga, Global Power Shift participant and organiser for the Association Workshop for All Beings/StopEP campaign   While the world begins to realise that complete withdrawal from dirty energies are the only way to stop further climate change, a new huge coal power plant is planned in the north of Poland. The pressure to... (More...)
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Will the Khanty save Russia?

By Yuliya Makliuk, Eastern Europe, Caucuses and Central Asia Coordinator. English translation by Kateryna Boyko and Roman Horbyk. Russia’s indigenous people stand up for their land rights in a quarrel with oil companies and raise issues of environmental and economic justice. Could this move other Russians to rethink the real costs of a resource-based... (More...)
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Our hearts are with Ukrainian people

As anti-governmental demonstrators in Kyiv, Ukraine, keep standing through the countless nights of police brutality and freezing temperatures, we send a message of solidarity to the people of Ukraine in their peaceful fight for justice. Here’s a photo by a Twitter user ‏@NiBeroeva which captures the intense and faithful resistance of Ukrainian people being attacked... (More...)
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