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Europe: Climate Impacts Have Never Hit Closer to Home

Read this article in Russian     I’ve seen all the hard data, digested all the scary graphs, seen all the heartbreaking photos from the Arctic. I’ve heard reports from other people across the world [on] what impact climate change is having on their lives and there’s nothing that I haven’t believed. But up until... (More...)
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Poles want energy transition to renewables = no new coal!

Guest blog from Diana Maciąga, Global Power Shift participant and organiser for the Association Workshop for All Beings/ StopEP campaign The vast majority of Poles want their country to take strong action on climate change and shift to renewable energy. This is the result of a representative nationwide poll by TNS Polska in March 2014... (More...)
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Be part of the ray of hope (and stop Europe’s largest planned new coal plant)

Guest blog from Diana Maciąga, Global Power Shift participant and organiser for the Association Workshop for All Beings/StopEP campaign   While the world begins to realise that complete withdrawal from dirty energies are the only way to stop further climate change, a new huge coal power plant is planned in the north of Poland. The pressure to... (More...)
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It’s time to say goodbye to RWE!

Für Kommunen mit RWE-Aktien stehen düstere Zeiten bevor, so die Tageszeitung Volksfreund aus Trier. Für viele Jahrzehnte waren RWE-Aktien eine sichere Geldanlage, die üppige Gewinne einbrachten. Doch diese Zeiten sind vorbei. Die Energiewende und die Kohlenstoffblase (Carbon Bubble) haben dafür gesorgt, dass es unrentabel wird Aktien der Kohle-, Erdöl- und Erdgasindustrie zu besitzen. Die Zeiten... (More...)
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Banking on Coal – Only in Rare and Exceptional cases

Yesterday the EBRD published details of its new energy strategy and a positive development did find its way into a paragraph of the new text. In actuality the change was simply adding the phrase “only in rare and exceptional cases” to the section on financing coal. It is yet to be seen what ‘rare and... (More...)
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Climate-charged storm Xaver flooding northern Europe

Much of northern Europe – including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and Sweden – is getting battered by winter storm Xaver, right now. The storm is expected to cause over $1 billion in damages and has already resulted in a number of casualties. It’s already being called one of the most dangerous storms to... (More...)
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Why Churches need to end engagement and disinvest from fossil fuels

The following post was first published at The Bright Now campaign calls for Churches to disinvest from fossil fuels. It is run by Operation Noah, a UK-based ecumenical Christian charity. What follows is Operation Noah’s response to the Church Investors Group’s statement ‘Climate change and the fossil fuel divestment campaign‘. The Church Investors Group... (More...)
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Frack Free UK

Prime Minister David Cameron promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Yet through supporting hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – he is recklessly pursuing new sources of fossil fuels. Join our call for a Frack Free UK.


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Fossil Free

The Fossil Free campaign is building a global movement to divest from fossil fuels. If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

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