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After the murder of four Asheninka leaders in Peru, activists are still fighting to defend the forest

Edwin Chota and three other leaders died defending the forest that sustains their communities from illegal loggers trying to gut the Amazon. Through accounts from families and friends, the short film below tells the story of their battle for land titling and of the activists that are still fighting. Watch the video below, and find... (More...)
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La Caravana Climática: a voice for our local movements

By Fernanda Canas On May 19th the Climate Caravan (Caravana Climática) through Latin America arrived to El Salvador. The Climate Caravan is a bus traveling from the north of Mexico all along Latin America in order to arrive to their final destination Lima, Peru where the UN Climate Change Talks (COP 20) will be held in December... (More...)
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Shifting Power in Argentina: Today is the day

By GPS Argentina team. This morning the first action of our GPS phase 2 plans will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We call it “Aclimatando” or in English “Acclimatizing”.  It is an effort to acclimate people to confronting the reality of climate change.  The goal of the meeting this morning is to thrust forward... (More...)
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Friendly encounter near fracking site in Argentina

Our Latin America team is currently traveling in Argentina to learn more about the impacts of fracking in local communities. Yesterday, we visited a farmer whose apple orchard is being impacted by a fracking well built right next to the property. Almost immediately after we parked the car, two police officers came and demanded the... (More...)
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Impacts of Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean: 5 Things You Need to Know

On March 31st, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its latest assessment report focusing on current and future climate change impacts. The IPCC brings together climate and scientific experts from around the world and is the internationally recognized body for the scientific assessment of climate change. This latest report is important because... (More...)
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Pachamama Foundation needs your solidarity

Last week, the Quito-based headquarters of the Pachamama Foundation was raided and closed down by police agents. The Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment has signed a resolution to dissolve the organization. The government’s action directly follows a series of indigenous protests last week denouncing Ecuador’s plans to open up some 2.6 million hectares of rainforest... (More...)
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