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Will climate denialism help Russian economy?

Facing an economic crisis, Russian authorities are giving unprecedented tax subsidies to the fossil fuel industry that lead to new drilling in the Arctic and East Siberia. Will ‘climate denialism’ benefit the Russian economy? The recent call by the Russian Deputy Prime-Minister Siluanov to “tighten belts” has convinced even optimists that something is deeply wrong... (More...)
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Rise of climate-hostile parties threatens EU carbon cuts

Cartoon courtesy of Dave Walker The anti-climate threat at the upcoming European Parliament election Between 22-25 May millions of EU citizens are called to cast their vote on who should represent them in the European Parliament for the next 5 years. The 751 MEPs elected will have enormous power to approve crucial climate policies and... (More...)
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Our response to attack by Minerals Council of Australia

On Monday Brendan Pearson, CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia writing in The Australian, took aim at activists for confronting the coal industry in Australia. This is our response. It was an all too familiar attack on “greenies” claiming, as per usual, that those calling for action on climate change are anti development and... (More...)
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