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November Divest Digest: Look Out! Divestment Is Spreading Far and Wide

As the month of November comes to a close, the divestment movement expands their reach far and wide. New divestment campaigns are launching across the world, campuses who have received “no” from their administrations one time too many are taking their cases to court, and students in larger numbers than ever are showing up and pressuring everyone... (More...)

Case Study Seattle: What is the Consultant Role on a Divestment Decision?

By Brett Fleishman Last Friday, the brilliant campaigners working to divest the city of Seattle’s pension fund, SCERS, received a report from the pensions’ consultant, NEPC, recommending against divestment. Investment consultants have presented a significant barrier for divestment campaigns both on and off campuses with statements about high transaction costs, loss of returns, and limited... (More...)

Why the College of the Marshall Islands is divesting from fossil fuels – and why your institution should too

With 350 Pacific launching their campaign on Divestment in the Pacific region today, our Divestment Campaign spokesperson, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner blogs about why the College of the Marshall Islands is divesting from fossil fuels, and why your institution should too. You can read her blog here and below. A few weeks ago I was called into the office of... (More...)
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Norway’s largest pension fund divests from coal

Norway’s largest manager of pension funds, KLP, has decided to sell off all its investments in coal companies. KLP executives will instead invest half-a-billion kroner (around USD 75 million) in renewable energy ventures. KLP manages the pension funds for the majority of Norway’s public sector employees. With its total assets of nearly NOK 500 billion ($84bn/€67bn)... (More...)

Q & A With 350Chicago: How They’re Starting A Divestment Movement in Chicago

This past fall (2014), Larry Coble,  Melissa Brice, and a number of Chicagoans began rallying together to bring their dream of a Divest Chicago movement to life.  We took a moment to ask them three questions about how they are starting a divestment movement from the ground up and they offered some quick tips and advice.For anyone wondering how to join... (More...)

Oxford Diocese goes fossil free and challenges Church of England to divest

Today, Oxford became the first Church of England diocese to pledge to go fossil free and passed a resolution calling on the Church of England to follow their example. Speaking just after the resolution was passed, Revd Darrell Hannah said: “I’m overjoyed. We had a good debate with good points on both sides. People recognise... (More...)

Oxford Diocese goes fossil free and challenges Church of England to divest

Today, Oxford Diocese called on the Church of England to divest from fossil fuel companies and pledged to examine its own investments. Oxford Diocesan Synod has passed a resolution urging the Church of England’s National Investing Bodies to divest from fossil fuel companies. The resolution was passed with a majority of 52 in favour, with... (More...)

Fossil Free Stanford Takes on Oil and Gas at Investment Panel Meeting

Post written by the Students of Fossil Free Stanford. Stanford students aren’t backing down. Since our big victory in successfully petitioning the university to divest from coal last spring, Fossil Free Stanford has continued to pressure the administration to withdraw its investments from oil and natural gas. Now returning to action in the new academic... (More...)

Building Towards Strategic Escalation

 This is part 2 in a blog series by Sara Blazevic, Swarthmore College - Reflections of a US student divestment campaigner in the wake of a new IPCC report and a new school year. The summer after my freshman year of college – and my first year working on Swarthmore Mountain Justice’s fossil fuel divestment campaign... (More...)

Divest the Vatican

With the ear of 1.2 billion Catholics and the respect of Christians and non-Christians alike, Pope Francis is uniquely positioned to add both his voice and the unique moral power of his office to the divestment movement. The tide is turning. Now it’s time to divest the Vatican.

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Société Genérale: kick your coal habit

With  banks publicly stating they will reduce their investments in coal, it is now time for private banks such as Société Générale to make this pledge as well.

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Ban Divestment? No way.

Coal companies in Australia are pushing the government to make our fossil fuel divestment campaign illegal. We need your help to push back!

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Fossil Free

The Fossil Free campaign is building a global movement to divest from fossil fuels. If it’s wrong to wreck the climate, it’s wrong to profit from that wreckage.

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