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5 communities sticking it to fossil fuel companies — and winning.

“This movement is powered by people fighting for places they love.” — Naomi Klein  This January, communities around the world are seeing victories in long, hard-fought struggles against fossil fuel companies. Congratulations to everyone involved, and good luck to everyone still working to protect their own home. Here are 7 victories this month: 1. Carson, California, USA... (More...)
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First vote on fracking in the UK – the day after

Yesterday, UK MPs voted for the first time on fracking, as part of the so-called Infrastructure Bill. It looks like the government is conceding and is adopting the opposition’s (Labour Party) amendment, which would still allow fracking to take place, but under certain safeguards (e.g. no national parks, no over aquifers). The amendment for a moratorium... (More...)
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Watch this 92 year-old Australian veteran explain why he’s still fighting (for the climate)

Bill Ryan fought on the Kokoda Track in World War II. Now at 92 years old, he’s fighting against extreme mining and climate change in Gloucester and beyond. His is an inspiring story of hope and bravery, over a lifetime. Watch him tell it in the video below. Courtesy of Cloudcatcher Media (More...)
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URGENT CALLOUT: Anti-fracking rally in London, 26th January

  On 26th January, MPs will be voting on the Government’s Infrastructure Bill containing, amongst other things, an amendment including the legal obligation to maximise recovery of gas and oil, an amendment proposing a ban on fracking and the Government’s controversial proposal to allow fracking under people’s homes without permission. We want MPs to hear... (More...)
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Can you spot the pink hypocrisy? The Daily Show’s got you covered.

This hilarious 5-minute clip shows why pink fracking drill bits = utter ridiculousness. Point number one: These pink drill bits are doing more to cause cancer than to cure it. Energy giant Baker Hughes’ breast cancer campaign is quite the flop as Samantha Bee points out. Watch and laugh: Courtesy of The Daily Show (More...)

Thousands of wells have already been fracked in California. Here’s what it’s like, from the people that live there.

Faces of Fracking is a stunning new project telling the stories of people on the front lines of fracking in California. Below are just two of the many people featured as part of the project. Hear their voices, see their faces, and find out what’s happening in their communities. Faces of Fracking is a project... (More...)
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Frack Free California

We’re mobilizing the California climate movement to tell Gov. Brown to stop fracking in California. Climate leaders don’t frack!

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Frack Free UK

Prime Minister David Cameron promised his would be the “greenest government ever”. Yet through supporting hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – he is recklessly pursuing new sources of fossil fuels. Join our call for a Frack Free UK.


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