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What just happened on Keystone XL:

Friends, Today’s Keystone XL news from DC is both important and murky. In brief, the Obama administration announced yet another delay in their decision about the pipeline, meaning it may be past the midterm elections before a final call is made. Three things strike me: In pipeline terms it’s a win. Every day we delay... (More...)
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Chicago Greets Obama to say, No KXL!

By JC Kibbey Six years ago, fighting for what I believed in meant knocking on doors in the cold to help a freshman senator named Barack Obama become President. Yesterday, it meant standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a fired-up crowd of activists to demand that President Obama keep his word on climate change. Building the Keystone XL... (More...)
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2,000,000+ Comments Against Keystone XL!

Last Friday, over 2 MILLION comments against Keystone XL were delivered to the State Department — outnumbering comments in favor of the pipeline by 2 to 1, and beating our goal by a giant margin. I want to take a moment to say thank you, because that’s a hugely impressive number, and it shows that... (More...)
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Think young people are complacent? Think again.

If you know anyone who thinks young people today are complacent, superficial, or tuned-out, make them watch this video from #XLDissentWestCoast: Keystone XL Occupation & Arrests West Coast 3 Mar 2014 from Peter Menchini on Vimeo. Video via Peter Menchini. (More...)
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XL Dissent Inspires More Keystone Protests Across the Nation

The 398 students arrested at the White House on Sunday protesting the Keystone XL pipeline are inspiring more protests across the nation, as opponents of the controversial project ramp up their activism in anticipation of a final decision from President Obama later this spring. On Monday morning, nine more students were arrested for a sit-in... (More...)
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Watch XL Dissent Live!

Hundreds of young people are marching towards the White House right now for XL Dissent, a massive protest to push President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. You can watch the livestream here. Follow #XLDissent on Twitter for more updates. (More...)
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Reject and Protect

In Late April, an alliance of pipeline fighters — ranchers, farmers, tribal communities, and their friends — called the Cowboy Indian Alliance will ride into Washington DC for the next, and perhaps final, chapter in the fight against Keystone XL. On April 26th, everyone is invited to join the Alliance to send an last message to President Obama. Our community of pipeline fighters just sent 2 million comments against the pipeline in just 30 days. We must follow this up with action in the streets on April 26th as we march with tribal leaders and individuals currently living with the risk tarsands to show all the beauty and power we represent. Everyone is needed and everyone is welcome. 

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Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

We’re joining with organizations and communities throughout North America in a united campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline — the fuse to the largest carbon bomb on the planet.

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