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Must-see speeches from a weekend protesting Kinder Morgan’s atrocious pipeline project

Simply put, these people are badasses. Since last Thursday, more than 50 have been arrested while protesting at Burnaby Mountain, where Kinder Morgan is drilling and surveying to expand the Trans Mountain pipeline. Watch the videos below to hear what these brave folks have to say, then click here to find out how you can... (More...)
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Energy East = Climate Change

This blog was written by members of Stop Energy East Halifax NDP MP and environment critic Megan Leslie recently sent postcards to all her constituents asking them to support the NDP’s  Climate Change Accountability Act. Today, just after NDP leader Tom Mulcair boasted his continued support for a ‘west-to-east pipeline’, a dozen organizers from Stop Energy... (More...)
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Kinder Morgan called activists’ facial expressions “assault,” and the social media response is priceless

I never thought I’d hear someone call a facial expression “assault,” but Kinder Morgan did the unthinkable. While activists have been blockading pipeline work in Burnaby, British Columbia, Kinder Morgan is seeking an injunction against them – apparently by making outrageous accusations in court. Check out these activists’ hilarious #KMface responses: Courtesy of Beyond Boarding (More...)
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Five Ways to Support Burnaby’s Kinder Morgan Opposition

UPDATE: Click Here to Donate to the Legal Support Fund for Burnaby Mountain Arrestees. In late October the National Energy Board granted Kinder Morgan access to begin work on their TransMountain tar sands pipeline expansion project in a designated conservation area on Burnaby Mountain, despite overwhelming opposition from local residents, Indigenous peoples and politicians. In... (More...)
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10 Questions for the NDP on Energy East & Climate

Tonight, the NDP is hosting an online Q+A session on climate change with federal Environment Critic Megan Leslie. In their emails promoting this event, they say that “Climate change is a key issue of our generation” and that party leader “Tom Mulcair knows this.” Yet in a press release published last week on Energy East, the NDP... (More...)
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Europe must close doors to tar sands oil

The European Union is attempting to throw open its doors to dirty tar sands oil, by abandoning its plan to label tar sands oil as highly polluting.  After years of frustrating delays for climate campaigners, the EU appears to have caved in to intense lobbying efforts by oil giants and pressure from the Canadian government... (More...)
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Oil and Water on the Hudson River

 For the first two weeks of September, a flotilla of handmade paper canoes journeyed the improbable waters of the Hudson River from Troy to Manhattan, weaving stories of resistance and resilience on a voyage to the People’s Climate March. The flotilla’s journey wove together many distinct stories of local environmental threats in the context of... (More...)
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Tar Sands Free Northeast

Organizing to stop tar sands infrastructure in the Northeast of the United States with powerful local organizing and regional collaborations.

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