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Fossils belong in museums.

Friends, Today, we’re announcing an exciting new divestment campaign: In partnership with The Natural History Museum, a new mobile museum that champions bold climate action, we’re launching a brand new push in the divestment movement calling on museums to stand up as leaders in the face of climate catastrophe. The iron is red hot. In... (More...)

Civic activism in Russia: an unexpected triumph of democracy

Civic engagement in Russia: on the wane or changing format? It has become commonplace to complain about the decrease in civic activity in today’s Russia. There are indeed fewer thousand-strong marches and rallies in downtown Moscow now than a few years ago. The reasons for this have been much written about; but it seems more... (More...)

Occupy Vanuatu Climate Protest

Today in Port Vila over 200 people, including youth and secondary school students, occupied the central vegetable market in protest against new coal mines and their climate impacts on Vanuatu’s people. Vanuatu’s vegetable market had been closed for months after severe category 5 Cyclone Pam devastated the country in March 2015. Led by 350 Vanuatu,... (More...)
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RWE legal action against demonstrators “disproportionate and absurd”

RWE’s decision to file proceedings against demonstrators for trespassing is ridiculous, says Jürgen Döschner. This is, after all, a corporation which has for years disturbed the peace of entire regions. The protests, which were legitimate if not legal, will not be stopped by police batons. By Jürgen Döschner, Energy expert for WDR and ARD Kudos!... (More...)

How 1,500 people shut down Europe’s biggest source of CO2

On Saturday, around 1,500 people set off from the climate camp in Germany’s Rhineland early in the morning to try and enter the open-pit lignite mine of Garzweiler  and block the massive excavators.   Utility company RWE’s lignite mines and power plants in the Rhineland are the biggest source of CO2 emissions in Europe. Three of the five... (More...)
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Bird-dogging the campaign trail in Canada: Week 1 & 2 in Review

WEEK 1: The federal election gets called early and the pressure begins. When Stephen Harper called the elections on August 2nd, effectively making this year’s electoral period the  longest of the last decades, people all across the country concerned about climate change geared into action to make sure the climate movement would have a voice throughout... (More...)
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