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It started with a simple email. Then came the umbrellas.

Watch this guy explain how he received an email — and then organized something beautiful right in the heart of Nepal for Global Divestment Day. This is Binod Parajuli, one of the people behind Nepal’s umbrella rally, and this is what can happen when every day people join together to organize for change. Such an inspiring... (More...)

Global Divestment Day Maldives 2015

This guest post was written by Ecocare Maldives and cross-posted from their website.                         “Divest or Drown!” read one of the orange papers hanging on the ‘divestment thought strings’, at our event. Friday, 13th February 2015. On Friday February the 13th, 2015, at 21:00... (More...)

Stanford Stands Up to KXL

This post was written by Jenai Longstaff, a student at Stanford University and member of Fossil Free Stanford. When President Obama came to Stanford University on February 13th, more than 50 students and community members were there to tell him to veto and reject the Keystone XL pipeline. Fossil Free Stanford has led Stanford’s campaign... (More...)
Keystone XL

Global Divestment Day Wrap-Up

At over 450 events in 60 countries, people around the world declared that it’s wrong to wreck the climate — and it’s wrong to profit from wrecking it. From the Pacific Islands to South Africa, from the United States to Germany, we stood up to demand that our governments, universities and financial and religious institutions... (More...)
Divestment Global

Stepping Up to Stop Energy East

Right now the National Energy Board is accepting applications to intervene in their review of the Energy East project. Unfortunately, despite over 100,000 messages from people across Canada demanding a climate review of the project, the NEB is refusing to consider the climate impacts of the pipeline and the tar sands expansion is would facilitate.... (More...)
Fossil Fuels Keystone XL North America Tar Sands

Bigger reserves, bigger companies, bigger need to divest!

In participation with Global Divestment Day, Fossil Free Indexes LLC just released an updated Carbon Underground list for the divestment movement to take forward. It’s now posted on gofossilfree.org/top-200/ This is a list of the top 100 coal companies and the top 100 oil and gas companies by size of reserves converted to CO2 equivalent.... (More...)

Why I #Divest

Ahead of Global Divestment Day we asked people from across the fossil free divestment network which institution they wanted to divest and why. Here are just a few of the responses. Share why you divest – Take a photo of yourself holding a divestment message and share it on social media using:  Why I #Divest     (More...)

Why President Obama is about to veto Keystone XL:

Friends, Just now, the House of Representatives just voted to force approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, sending the bill to the President’s desk. This vote was a charade: Keystone XL is the President’s decision, and he pledged to veto this legislation — and we fully expect him to do so right away. ... (More...)
Keystone XL

It’s tomorrow!

The first ever Global Divestment Day kicks off tomorrow and runs through til Saturday 14 February.   And it seems you’ve already put the fossil fuel industry on the backfoot before we even get started! Earlier this week we got word that a Big Oil PR company released a, frankly, hilarious cartoon as an attack... (More...)