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Praised Be: Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical

As we stand at this critical juncture, his holiness Pope Francis has released an encyclical — the highest form of teaching by the Catholic Church – that focuses solely on our relationships with the environment. More than just a theological statement though, it is an awakening for the world to understand how climate change impacts... (More...)
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Ludzkość ma jeden wspólny dom

Papieska encyklika jest przestrogą. Jej przesłanie bierze się z troski o naszą planetę – „wspólny dom” jak nazywa ją sam Papież. Interpretowanie jej w kategoriach ataku i agresji świadczy o głęboko zakorzenionym strachu i braku zrozumienia dla osiągnięć współczesnej nauki. Encyklika Oficjalna prezentacja encykliki “Laudato sii” odbyła się dzisiaj w Watykanie o godzinie 11.00. Przedstawią... (More...)

Lund University divest direct holdings from fossil fuels

Text by Cherry Tsoi and Joep Karskens, Fossil Free Lund University  Our university made the decision on Friday (June 12, 2015) to divest parts of their investments in coal, oil and gas. This is a large victory for our campaign and for climate justice, as the coal, oil and gas industry are for the first time pinpointed... (More...)

Let a million climate actions bloom

In the past week there has been a ferment of opposition against dirty energy across the Philippine archipelago as communities, organisations and the Catholic church step up their campaigns against coal.  Following news of the Norwegian parliament’s formal endorsement of divesting  its $900 Billion sovereign wealth fund, that will cut funding for the Philippines’ top dirty energy producers including:... (More...)
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Around 100 members of the Berliner Ärzteversorgung (pension fund of physicians in Berlin) are asking their pension fund to divest

Divestment of fossil fuels additionally discussed at the recent German Medical Assembly in May  At the beginning of April, 97 members of the Berliner Ärzteversorgung sent a letter calling on their pension fund to divest all of their fossil fuel shares within the next five years and to reinvest the freed capital in shares that... (More...)

A cheeky collection of our favourite climate actions

Monday saw a huge day of international, coordinated action against the fossil fuel industry and corporations fuelling the climate crisis — from the UK where grassroots activist network Reclaim the Power launched a record-breaking 18 creative actions in a day to big events in Luxembourg, France, Switzerland and Germany. Reclaim the Power Round-up: United Kingdom... (More...)

The Valley of Hope

In the heart of Gippsland, just over an hours drive east of Melbourne lies the Latrobe Valley. Nestled between the beautiful Strzelecki mountain ranges and Baw Baw National Park, the Valley’s landscape has been scarred by over a century of coal extraction. But it’s not just the landscape that carries the burden of this industry,... (More...)
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