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The Great Deflation

Some thoughts and updates on the financial situation as it relates to the Carbon Bubble, and what it means for the divestment movement and divestment campaigns. Not all bubbles pop in the same way – that is, not all bubbles are created equal. We may not see a steep and dramatic drop in the stock... (More...)

BP will never go ‘Beyond Petroleum’ admits Porritt

Jonathon Porritt, one of the UK’s most respected environmental leaders, has publicly announced the end of  decade long corporate partnerships between his Forum for the Future institute and both Shell and BP.    He believes it is impossible for today’s oil and gas majors to adapt in “a timely and intelligent way to the imperative of... (More...)

Pope Francis Urged to Divest from Fossil Fuels During Visit to the Philippines

As Pope Francis starts his visit to the Philippines this week, environmentalists and Filipino organizations are upping their calls for the Pope to divest the Vatican from fossil fuels. You can join their call to action by clicking here. “We look to Pope Francis to break the political impasse preventing real action on climate change.... (More...)
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People of the Philippines urge Pope Francis to light path towards Fossil Free future

It’s true that none of prophets used Facebook but that doesn’t mean that people of faith shouldn’t. When it comes to international development and relief-related spending, faith-based aid groups are among the largest and most far reaching. Some Christian development and missionary groups are reaching people like no other groups can, due to historical networks,... (More...)