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Reflections on the train towards Ende Gelände

I’m writing this from a train as I zoom through the countryside towards Cologne and the Ende Gelände mass action. I wanted to share with you some personal reflections (and, of course, a final reminder of practical details you’ll need to join in person). Cologne is a place I normally associate with holiday time and... (More...)
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Kiribati President tells world leaders to #stopdigging

Kiribati President Anote Tong today called on world leaders to support a global moratorium on new coal mines and coal mine expansions. “There is no plausible scenario in which a world that is tackling climate change is a world that needs more coal mines“, President Tong wrote in a letter to over 100 world leaders... (More...)
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潔夫‧瑞帕羅 (Zeph Repollo) 上週可說是反對菲律賓巴拉望島上的燃煤電廠的重要轉捩點,普林塞薩港市政府於6月16日正式通過了「強烈反對在巴拉望建設燃煤電廠的決議」。 這是我們從市政府那看到最強烈的反對聲明了,而這也為這場對抗具破壞性且無益的燃煤電廠的抗爭中標出一個轉捩點。這場抗爭起初只是由少數團體發動,現在儼然擴張為教堂、學校、農夫、社區、公民團體、國會議員,乃至於菲律賓全境參與的規模。 DM孔松希股份有限公司 (DMCI) 數次試圖在巴拉望上脆弱的生態系統中,建設一座15百萬瓦的燃煤電廠,但皆未成功。我們人民不能接受背負侵害環境與民眾權益惡名的企業摧殘我們最後一個生態據點。 「革命尚未成功,但像這樣的時刻將我們的恐懼轉化為希望,並彰顯了我們的價值。我們也體認到我們內心有著無比的勇氣。」 ~ 巴拉望乾淨能源聯盟發言人 辛西雅·素瑪蓋塞 (Cynthia Sumagaysay- Del Rosario) 我們已收集了全菲律賓近六千份的連署書,敦促環資部 (DENR) 的巴赫部長 (Ramon Jesus P. Paje) 擋下DMCI所提的燃煤電廠計畫。而沒有任何事物,能比由該計畫預定地的普林塞薩港市政府所通過的決議,更具有人民諮詢及知曉參與的代表性。該計畫對瀕危的水中及陸上生物具有極大威脅性,同時也會衝擊到居住其上的巴拉望原住民團體的生活與生計。我們需要您與我們一同發聲-請簽署並分享這項連署書! 巴拉望反燃煤抗爭行動具有極高的重要性:這並非只是為了巴拉望,而是為了全菲律賓的民眾。我們已有可負擔的永續能源政策準備實行。事實上,巴拉望有一個總體能源計畫,將可證明永續能源為最便宜、最方便且最聰明的能源解決方案。現在我們需要展現這場運動的力量,讓這些政策得以實現。我們的抗爭就是為了能源系統轉型,藉著抗拒骯髒且有害的能源及爭取實在的能源解決方案,來造福人民與環境而非圖利財團。 越來越多的人挺身而出表示:菲律賓向燃煤說再見就是為我們人民及氣候迎來一個公正且永續的未來。請幫助我們收集更多的連署-簽署並分享我們的連署書。 (More...)
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6 lessons on how we won a £7 billion Norway divestment

Here in Norway, we recently secured one of our biggest climate wins, if not one of the world’s biggest climate wins. Early June, Parliament decided that the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (often called “the oil fund”) is to divest from coal burning and coal producing companies. The decision means that about £7.7 billion GBP ($8.4... (More...)

NYT fails to mention that the “National Association of Scholars” is actually an industry funded right wing think tank

Update: After posting this piece yesterday, the National Association of Scholars got in touch with us to push back on some of the assertions I made below, especially on the structure of NAS and its funding. The (admittedly short) research I’d done on NAS pulled up a description from SourceWatch that said “according to its... (More...)

Eyewitness to Extreme Weather

11 Social Media Posts that Show Just How Crazy Things Are Lately it’s been feeling like my Facebook feed has been filling up with friends sharing photos from the floods, wildfires, and heatwaves in their towns. I don’t think it’s just me seeing this. Yesterday, Rolling Stone said in an article “historians may look to... (More...)
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Ende Gelände: live webcast this Thursday

We’re less than two weeks away from one of the most daring mass actions the grassroots anti-coal movement has ever planned — Ende Gelände (translation: Here and no further!) will use people power from across Europe to stop the Rhineland’s giant coal diggers. So we’re hosting a live webcast this Thursday to share more information... (More...)
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Divestment campaign kicks off in Italy

Blog by Riccardo Rossella – Italian Climate Network The campaign for divestment has started in Italy! As the first step for the campaign, in collaboration with 350.org, Coordinamento Power Shift Italia, The Climate Reality Project, Viração and FIMA, we brought the message of Divest the Vatican… to the Vatican! On 28 June, thousands of people marched... (More...)