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Winters Past: Stories of a Changing Alaska

In late 2014, multimedia producers Isaac Kestenbaum, Josie Holtzman and their project “Winters Past” traveled to remote Alaska, to talk to people on the front line of climate change. They returned with tales of ice fishing, “The Hairy Man,” goose calls, seal oil, dog mushing—and stories about how Native American elders foretold a warming world,... (More...)
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All Across the Country, Our Movement is Stepping Up

For years, the climate movement has organized in unprecedented numbers to tell President Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. We have held vigils and rallies in all 50 states, participated in mass mobilizations and taken part in civil disobedience to ensure that KXL, a disaster for climate and communities, is not approved. Now, in... (More...)
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Deutsche Bank catches up with the Divestment Movement (in a rhetorical sense)  

co-CEOs of Deutsche Bank sheepishly acknowledging the divestment movement   The Deutsche Bank Research House produces an analysis of the market in magazine form, called Konzept. In their latest issue, dated January 19th, Deutsche Bank published an article titled, “Peak Carbon before Peak Oil.” The article is part Do The Math regurgitation (big bank flavored),... (More...)

Oil workers’ strike for safety reflects danger of fossil fuels

This week, United Steelworkers at nearly a dozen refineries across the country went on strike for the first time in 36 years. They had been negotiating a contract with Shell, on behalf of dozens of other oil majors when talks broke down. With oil production in North America at historic levels, you would be forgiven for... (More...)

10 signs the world is ready for Global Divestment Day

1) It’s happening everywhere! This is going to be a global party — right now there are around 300 events happening on 6 continents. From South Africa to Mexico, Bangladesh to Benin, and Bulgaria, people are showing our commitment to taking on the fossil fuel industry. If you had Googled “fossil fuels” “carbon bubble” and... (More...)

February 2, 2015 For Immediate Release 100,000+ Call on National Energy Board to Include Climate Change When Reviewing the Massive Energy East Pipeline Calgary, AB –More than 100,000 messages from people across Canada were hand delivered today to the National Energy Board’s (NEB) office in Calgary demanding climate change be included in the NEB’s review of... (More...)
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5 communities sticking it to fossil fuel companies — and winning.

“This movement is powered by people fighting for places they love.” — Naomi Klein  This January, communities around the world are seeing victories in long, hard-fought struggles against fossil fuel companies. Congratulations to everyone involved, and good luck to everyone still working to protect their own home. Here are 7 victories this month: 1. Carson, California, USA... (More...)
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6 Continents and 1 Incredible Weekend

During our web workshop this week (which if you missed, you can watch here) we had an around the world tour from divestment organizers. I think it’s fair to say we all walked away feeling really excited for Global Divestment Day and all the creative, strategic, and powerful actions coming up. Here is a round-up... (More...)