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Methodists fail to respond to grassroots call for fossil fuel divestment

Despite unprecedented pressure from local churches, the Methodist Conference failed to commit to end its investments in fossil fuels. It announced that it will review its policy, with no decision for at least 12 months. The Methodist Church has investments in fossil fuel companies worth £58 million (2012 figures). Mark Letcher, Vice-Chair of Christian climate... (More...)

No permit, no pipeline.

Friends, Last weekend TransCanada’s permit for Keystone XL in South Dakota expired. They now no longer have a permit to build in 2 states — Nebraska, and South Dakota.  The South Dakota permit was issued way back in 2010 when Keystone XL was supposedly a done deal, and 4 years was thought to be plenty... (More...)
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In Tajikistan countryside, next generation of climate activists grow up

Climate change hardly heralds anything good, especially for the village-dwellers who are extremely vulnerable and dependent on the environment. The folks from TYCC (Tajik Youth Climate Coalition) from Tajikistan, part of the international GlobalPowerShift family, have contributed to the common cause against the climate change and to the involvement of the local communities in solving…... (More...)
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Biggest college & university investment consultant just put out a new report on divestment.

A few days ago, Cambridge Associates, which advises 71% of the largest college & university endowments, quietly published a paper about divestment entitled The Fossil Fuel Divestment Discussion. This is their first general statement about the fossil fuel divestment movement, although several individual Cambridge Associate consultants have published their own papers claiming significant costs to... (More...)

Glasgow University Working Group recommends divestment!

This blog was written by Miriam Wilson, a member of Fossil Free Glasgow University campaign in Scotland, UK. The meeting of Glasgow University Court, our university’s decision-making body, on June 25th 2014 was a big moment for our Climate Action Society’s Fossil Free campaign. After 10 months of intensive campaigning, and an early morning banner... (More...)

You can be the stopper in the bottle.

Here’s the bad news: the fossil fuel industry is pushing for a radical expansion of “natural” gas infrastructure across the country. The industry bills natural gas — or fracked gas, as we prefer to call it — as the climate-friendly fossil fuel, but just the opposite is true: fracked gas can have as much or... (More...)
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Unitarians Go Fossil Free

On Saturday, the Unitarian Universalist Association voted overwhelmingly in favor of fossil fuel divestment. Representing over 1,000 congregations, delegates to the UUA’s General Assembly passed a resolution calling for divestment of the UUA Common Endowment Fund. The resolution was carefully crafted by a committed group of activists known as UU Divest (formally, Unitarian Universalists for... (More...)
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