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Stop TPPA: We need people’s solutions not corporate pollution

The international climate movement, 350.org, urges governments present at the APEC Climate Change Summit to take bold leadership by stopping the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement). Leaked documents revealed that TPPA would allow private corporations to directly sue governments in private and non-transparent trade tribunals over laws and policies if corporations consider they would reduce... (More...)
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“Polar Bear Island” may lose its polar bears

This summer, 350.org team in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia region (EECCA) organised a blogpost contest to get peoples’ impressions on the climate crisis and encourage discussion on the topic. The top three posts have been translated into English and will be published here. The first one is about Chukotka – one of the remotest places of... (More...)

Uppsala divests, throws down the gauntlet to other cities

Fossil Free Uppsala campaigners celebrate the news at Uppsala City Hall. Uppsala just became the largest city in Sweden so far to commit to divest itself from fossil fuels, after the city council voted to ban investments in coal, oil and gas.  The move is designed to bring the city’s financial policies in line with its policies to reduce... (More...)

The Department of Justice Must Investigate ExxonMobil

You can join the call to action be signing our petition to the DOJ here.  Leaders of many of the country’s largest environmental groups, civil rights organizations, and indigenous peoples movements issued a joint letter today calling on the Department of Justice to investigate ExxonMobil, after revelations that the company knew about climate change as... (More...)
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Why I’m marching on November 9th

This blog post was written by Sophia Zaia, a student organizer with Swarthmore Mountain Justice, on why she’s joining the Our Generation, Our Choice mobilization. When I learned about climate change for the first time in middle school I was stunned; stunned that I hadn’t found out before, that this wasn’t something my parents talked... (More...)

Let Sleeping Dragons Lie

Guest blog post on behalf of Grugg and Changemaker-Iceland, Nína M. Saviolidi Hrönn G. Guðmundsdóttir   On Friday October 16th, climate activists were present at the opening of the Arctic Circle conference at Harpa in Reykjavík, Iceland. They handed out small origami dragons and letters of encouragement to guests who are here to talk about matters... (More...)
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Philippines to Paris: Our survival is not negotiable

We often imagine weekends as leisure time spent with family and friends. The opposite was true for the people residing in Northern Luzon, Philippines as they spent their weekend tending to their loved ones’ safety as the category 4 super typhoon Koppu (Lando) arrived, bringing widespread flooding and lashing winds. The typhoon made landfall on... (More...)
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The Bahamas: There’s No Forgetting the Role Climate Change Played in Our Destruction

At the beginning of October, The Bahamas was battered by the first Category 4 storm to hit it since 1866, Hurricane Joaquin. The hurricane then went on to contribute to record shattering flooding and rain in South Carolina, USA. As the people of The Bahamas face the hard, expensive work of rebuilding their homes, schools, roads... (More...)
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It’s time to step into history. The plan for November 9:

Friends, Today, we’re thrilled to share something huge: this November, young people will step into the streets of Washington, D.C. to call out the crisis of political leadership that so profoundly threatens the next generation. While climate change ravages our country and weaponized police patrol the streets of criminalized black, brown, and poor communities, our... (More...)