Power Shift to 350!

It’s been an incredible weekend so far at Power Shift 2009, a 10,000+ student climate conference in Washington, D.C.

You can get all the updates about this historic event at Power Shift 2009 or Its Getting Hot In Here, the youth climate blog. Our 350.org team will be giving updates throughout the rest of the conference, as well, as we meet with youth from across the United States who are ready to build an international movement for climate action.

Hundreds of young people have been streaming by the 350.org booth at Power Shift all weekend. We’ve got a big map set up and students have been signing up October 24 events around the world. In just a day, we have nearly 100 events registered in over 30 countries — and we haven’t even launched the full day of action website yet.

The world is clearly ready for a power shift.

(Photo by Shadia Fayne)


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