Just off the phone with Rudolf, a youth presenter from The Climate Project Indonesia and a rock star organizer in Jakarta, Indonesia.  What is he up to on 10/10/10?  He and his colleagues will welcome 1010 people to participate in a festival of climate solutions.

The festival will feature the following:
Climate change presentation
Green fashion show
Green Acoustic performance by local musicians
A wide selection of Vegetarian fare
Booths hosted by Green organizations and companies

Rudolf and his colleagues are excited for this event and see it as an extension of their work on the 10/24/09 global day of action.  Last year, him and his colleagues planned educational events around Indonesia that engaged more than 5,000 universities students.  Together, the students across Indonesia, stood together and made their voice heard that they are ready for climate solutions!  This year, some of the students will be speaking at this event in Jakarta and around!  Way to go Rudolf!

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