We’re just a couple of weeks away from turbocharging the movement to #StopAdani cooking our climate and wrecking our Reef.

Speaking notes are being drafted, vollie rosters being filled, stages being swept and buses being booked. Here are 11 reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this exciting event:

1. The Reef is already being killed by coal

Remember last year’s tragic bleaching event? Well we’re expecting another one soon, yet Adani wants to build Australia’s largest coal mine. Go figure?!


2. Adani is dodgy-as

Think illegal labour practices, environmental destruction, bribery and intimidation, to name a few of Adani’s dodgy deeds.


3. The Queensland Government has fallen deeply in love with Adani’s madness

Granting them fast-track status to get the mine built and handing them free water.


4. Traditional Owners have said no again and again, yet Adani continues to ignore them

No means no.


5. Our Government plans to hand Adani $1 billion of our hard earned cash

Despite Australians saying they want subsidies going to health, education and renewable energy.


6. One Australian bank is still messing around

14 banks (including NAB) have said no to funding Adani’s nightmare, with CommBank and ANZ distancing themselves, yet Westpac continues to fence-sit


7. We’ve held off Adani for years, it’s about time we WON!

Years of hard yakka from thousands of people have stopped this nightmare becoming a reality — let’s put it to bed once and for all.


8. Millions of people are on our side

Over 3 million people have taken part in the #StopAdani campaign so far. Meanwhile, Adani has to pay people to support them.


9. There’ll be amazing speakers

Including people fighting Adani’s coal in India, building solar solutions, protecting country from coal and more (Daniel Radcliffe sends his apologies — he can’t make it)


10. You’ll know exactly what you need to do next by the time you leave the roadshow

Because we all hate walking out of talks all fired up without a clue about what to do.


11. There’ll be free ice-cream

Have we convinced you yet?


So see you at the #StopAdani Roadshow?

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