With just 24 hours left until the final day of Spring, it looks like the White House will fail to meet its self-imposed deadline of installing solar panels on the White House roof by June 21st.

Over the last few days, 350.org and our friends at CREDO Action have collected an amazing 125,000+ signatures on a letter to President Obama asking him to meet the deadline. More than 700 of you took the extra step to call the White House directly to deliver the message that we want Presidential leadership on climate change.

All of you know that while installing solar panels on the White House is mostly a symbolic action, it would be a simple and powerful way for President Obama to demonstrate his commitment to solving the climate crisis. And while the White House has been quick to remind us of all that it is doing to promote solar power, we know that this Presidential leadership is one of the key missing pieces to getting America moving towards a safe climate future. 

We'll do our best to keep you updated as we countdown to the installation deadline. I've been fielding emails and calls from reporters today, as well as emailing our contacts at the Department of Energy to try and get more of a statement on when the panels will be installed (up until now, "no comment" has been the best they can give). 

Your continued pressure has been what's gotten us this far. It doesn't look like there will be solar panels on the White House roof tomorrow, but we're generating amazing energy across the country. Let's keep moving!

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