A few weeks ago we posted some beautiful aerial art from Aspen, Colorado created by artist Daniel Dancer.  Daniel hasn't stopped getting to work, and a few days ago sent some new photos and videos of his more recent projects, also featuring endangered species and that important number 350.  It sure is nice to see these images of animals, rather than the horrifying images coming from the Gulf of Mexico! 

The first project featured the Green Schools program in Maryland (the state that borders Washington, DC) and a few thousand middle school students in a state park.  The Governor was present to support the students taking environmental action at their schools and even took part in the photo, as you can see below! The Governor of Maryland, stranded on a melting iceberg + 1,500 middle school students forming a polar bear = awesome:

And the video:

An Eagle Sky in Miami Springs, FL, USA:

And the video:

And, Daniel has generously offered his song for a listen, Skysight – click to download!

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