Following the Climate Summit in Paris, we are re-doubling our efforts to end the use of destructive fossil fuels and shift to a renewable and just energy future. This May, we hope to see more people than ever commit to joining actions that disrupt the industry’s power by targeting the world’s most dangerous and unnecessary fossil fuel projects and supporting ambitious climate solutions.

From 4–15 May, 2016 we are mobilising to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate a just transition to 100% renewable energy and a sustainable future for all. These mobilisations will help spread information about crucial new and existing local campaigns to fight fossil fuels and continue to shift political power away from the fossil fuel industry towards grassroots groups who are at the frontlines of a great energy and economic transformation.

We will aim to use these mass actions as a moment to escalate and strengthen local campaigns which we will continue to engage with, support, or in some cases help lead. Around the world, these actions will provide a platform from which to take more and bolder action over the months and years to come to hold our leaders accountable.

We are targeting the following fossil fuel sites, and these groups are convening the conversations around the mobilisations:

  • Australia – Coal (350 Australia)
  • Brazil – Fracking (
  • Canada – Tar sands (, Greenpeace)
  • Ecuador – Yasuni oil expansion (Amazon Watch)
  • Germany – Coal (Ende Gelände)
  • Indonesia – Coal (Wahana Lingkungan Hidup Indonesia, Greenpeace, Jatam)
  • Nigeria – Oil extraction (Oil Watch Africa, Health of Mother Earth Foundation)
  • Philippines – Coal (Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development)
  • South Africa – Coal (
  • Spain – Fracking (Greenpeace)
  • Turkey – Coal (
  • UK – Coal (Reclaim the Power)
  • USA –  (, Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network and more)
    • California –  Fracking and Tar sands infrastructure
    • Colorado – Public lands
    • The Midwest – Tar sands infrastructure
    • The Northeast – Oil trains
    • The Pacific Northwest – Oil refineries
    • Washington DC – Offshore drilling

We are close to a historic, global shift in our energy system. We believe the way we’ll get there is by confronting those who are responsible for climate change and taking the power back so we can shape the sustainable and just future we need. Thank you for helping to make this work possible!