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Power Shift: 26 Municipal Utilities Break from Gas Lobby in 2023

As an exciting outcome of our compelling campaign, 26 municipal utilities in Germany have formally severed connections with the gas lobby group “Zukunft Gas” in 2023. This momentous shift, constituting a quarter of the original 100 utilities, underscores a determined effort to diminish the gas lobby’s influence at the local level.

The campaign, initiated by 350.org and working, as always, in collaboration with partners, gained momentum throughout the year. Local communities were supported in starting petitions that targeted their municipal utilities. They launched a nationwide day of action, taking place across 10 locations, ending in a 350-led protest in front of Zukunft Gas headquarters in Berlin.

Beyond the streets, 350.org strategically engaged with key industry events, such as the annual BDEW conference in 2023, where supporters critiqued the gas lobby’s undue influence over municipal utilities. Social media coverage of the event amplified visibility for the campaign and its message. Simultaneously, on-the-ground actions organized by partners echoed the call to break free from gas dependencies.

This triumph is part of a broader initiative by 350.org to transition Germany away from fossil fuels. Earlier in 2023, we helped rally thousands in protest against RWE’s coal mine expansion in Lützerath, drawing attention to Deutsche Bank’s substantial financial support for such projects. On Valentine’s Day 2023, we officially parted ways with Deutsche Bank through creative actions with partners in six German cities.

France’s Climate Battle: Challenging Total’s Role in the Environmental Crisis

In the heart of France’s climate justice movement, 350.org spearheaded a powerful campaign in 2023 to confront TotalEnergies, one of the largest energy companies, for its role in the climate crisis, and the impacts of their fossil fuel exploitation on communities in Africa. The efforts focused on mobilizing public opinion, engaging in strategic actions, and building a robust network of activists determined to challenge Total’s environmental impact.

    • AGM Blockade and Government Response: The pivotal moment came during Total’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), where 350.org, alongside other climate organizations, orchestrated a symbolic blockade that drew attention from media and key government figures. The Prime Minister and the Minister of the Transition publicly condemned Total’s activities, marking a historic turning point. A resolution backed by green and progressive shareholders gained a significant 30% support – a testament to the growing pressure on Total.
    • Toxic Tour: The symbolic “Toxic Tour” took activists to significant locations, allowing them to vividly articulate the reasons behind their fight against Total. This action not only became a cornerstone for the newly-formed StopTotal group but also played a crucial role in structuring the narrative against Total.
  • AGMs Season and Profit Announcement: Throughout the AGM season, 350.org led a series of impactful online and offline actions targeting Total’s major shareholders and funders. The decentralized poster action across 11 cities during Total’s annual profit announcement was a groundbreaking national-scale initiative, engaging hundreds of participants and promoting the message through striking visuals.
  • Climate Camp and Continued Pressure: The summer saw 350.org hosting a Climate Camp, bringing together 50 volunteers from the StopTotal network to devise campaign and organizing strategies. This gathering affirmed the movement’s dedication to sustained pressure on Total, ensuring the company is recognized as a significant contributor to the climate crisis in France and a threat to communities in Uganda and Tanzania.


Addressing Energy Poverty: 350.org’s campaigns to stabilize energy prices in the UK

In 2023, amidst skyrocketing energy prices and an escalating cost of living crisis in the UK. The situation became even more dire considering the political turmoil and challenges in energy security. The Prime Minister’s retreat from numerous net zero commitments further exacerbated the urgency for a sustainable solution, as households grappled with unprecedented financial pressures.

350.org joined in on a collaborative Warm This Winter campaign, focused on advocating for affordable energy solutions and a crucial shift away from fossil fuels. Recognizing the hardships faced by families, the campaign underscored the need for government investment in wind and solar power. Emphasizing the economic benefits, it aimed to steer the nation towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

350.org, in coalition, campaigned against the reinstatement of forced prepayment meters by energy companies. Through digital advocacy and protests outside the Department for Energy and Net Zero, activists emphasized the real-world consequences of climate breakdown on people’s daily experiences.

The Warm This Winter coalition delivered a joint petition to Downing Street, London,  emphasizing the urgent need for emergency energy support amidst ongoing community challenges. With a total of 800,000 signatures, the coalition advocated for emergency energy bill support and debt cancellation. Our digital campaigning contributed 40,000 signatures, playing a crucial role in this initiative.

350.org also participated in a demonstration outside the British LGBT Awards, urging accountability from climate-wrecking sponsors.

France and Germany Lead Climate Action: Withdraw from ‘Climate Wrecking’ Treaty

In a significant move towards combating climate change, France and Germany have announced their withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT). The ECT, signed in 1994, was initially conceived to protect Western investors in former Soviet states. However, its provisions have been exploited by corporations to challenge climate policies, hindering efforts to transition away from fossil fuels. This arbitration system embedded within the ECT allows companies to sue governments for implementing green initiatives, posing a significant threat to global climate action.

Civil society groups, including 350.org, have been instrumental in amplifying the call to abandon the ECT. This global movement has gained momentum, with pressure mounting on nations to reject a treaty that empowers the fossil fuel industry and hinders progress towards a sustainable future.

The potential impending exit of the entire European Union signals a turning point in the fight against the ECT. The collapse of the treaty looms on the horizon, marking a significant triumph for environmental activism worldwide.

As discussions in Brussels pave the way for exit strategies, 350.org remains at the forefront of this historic transition.

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