Our friends at One Day on Earth just launched a fantastic new web project that lets you explore hundreds of video snapshots of 350 actions that took place all over the world this past 10/10/10 – the Global Work Party.

The 350 video map is actually part of One Day on Earth's bigger creative endeavor to capture a comprehensive slice of life on Earth during the 24-hour span of 10/10/10. In a natural partnership, we encouraged 350 supporters to upload their 10/10/10 event footage to One Day on Earth's website — and a great many of you did!

Check out this link to explore all the 350 videos — from a flash mob in Montréal to a climate solutions walk in Mombasa: https://archive.onedayonearth.org/videos/searchByTags/350org

One wonderful effect of exploring the map is how it can remind you that you're part of something huge — a globally flung family of brothers & sisters that cares as much as you do; a great peaceful army you can count on as we all work together to seize the new year.

PS: if you have footage from 10/10/10 that you’d like to see on the One Day on Earth map, you can still submit it over here!

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