On Tuesday, 350 New Mexico, statewide activists, and partners flocked to our largest local utility, PNM’s annual shareholder meeting to deliver a message to shareholders and the public: “San Juan Coal is a Dangerous Investment. Transition to Clean Energy NOW.”

San Juan Generating Station is our state’s biggest contributor to climate change and most dire threat to our land and people. Allies working on the issue for years, statewide activists, and 350NM supporters and volunteers have worked to apply pressure PNM during a pivotal time where the company is facing serious fines, court battles, and mandated clean-up. Tuesday we made it clear that we want clean energy not just “clean-up”.

With silent protesters and an allied shareholder to deliver our message inside, a total rally die-in and more folks showing up at PNM than ever before delivering our peoples response to a PNM executive, we made sure San Juan Coal impacts and our demands were on the shareholder agenda. This event added strength and connectedness to the building movement in New Mexico- and we’re not stopping here. What a VICTORY for the movement!

Our communities are connecting to apply people powered pressure to work toward a shared vision of clean energy for our state. 350NM is stepping up our game for state, and toward a goal that is as real as it is vital: 350 ppm.

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