We joined young people and other civil society groups in a walk-out protest of the UN Climate Talks here in Warsaw, this afternoon. 
Here’s the statement that I put out to press at the action: 
“It’s powerful to see groups from across civil society coming to the same conclusion that in order to keep open any hope of an international climate treaty, we need to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry. By walking out of COP19, we’re walking into a fight with the real enemies to progress: the coal, oil and gas companies that have a stranglehold over our governments and economy. It’s time to stop sitting in negotiating halls and stand with the Philippines and millions more who are calling for real climate action in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.” 
This Thursday evening, we’re helping coordinate candlelit vigils around the world to honor the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and other climate-related disasters, as well as shine a light on the role of the fossil fuel industry in causing this crisis. Join us!

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