Today, our thoughts are with the people of Charlottesville who are picking up the pieces from the cowardly display of white supremacy and hate this weekend, and particularly with the families and friends of those injured or killed in such a horrific act of domestic terrorism.

In this moment, we wanted to take leadership from those on the ground responding to the violence and aftermath of this weekend’s events, and lift up the words of Black Lives Matter Charlottesville and Solidarity Charlottesville.

BLM Charlottesville made this statement: “While the president and his advisors significantly contribute to the lack of safety that black folks experience and are accountable for incredible harms inflicted on communities of color, they are mere symptoms of white supremacy and xenophobia, which are far greater enemies than just one administration. We stand with the people of Charlottesville who are fighting for a world in which the inherent humanity of all people is honored.”

Solidarity Charlottesville shared the following: “Today, Charlottesville community members came with love in their hearts to resist white supremacy. We grieve those who were injured in this struggle. We grieve particularly for the loss of life. We share this grief with our community. We condemn this racist domestic terrorism and the harm done to individuals who came to support the Charlottesville community today. We are heartbroken.”

Here at, we know white supremacy is not limited to klan rallies and alt-right forums. The hateful rally, violence and act of terrorism we witnessed yesterday were home grown, rooted in the racist, anti-semitic, and violent history of this country, watered and tended by the bold hate speech and encouragement of the Trump administration, and harvested by each individual who chose to participate in the white supremacist rally.

We condemn the actions that took place yesterday, and want to call them what they are: domestic terrorism. We want to see accountability for Trump, David Duke, Richard Spencer and all those who stoke the fires of hate for political or personal gains. Now more than ever we are called to stand together with those targeted for their race, faith, immigration status, gender or sexuality. None of these qualities should dictate who gets to feel safe in this country. We will follow up here and on social media with ways to respond in the days ahead. For now, there are solidarity rallies nationwide this evening. Click here to find an event near you. We hope to see you in the streets tonight and in the days to come.

With love, anger, and hope,

Jenny and the team

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