On Saturday, November 16, 350 PDX rapidly organized and hosted a fundraising event in order to help provide vital disaster relief assistance for the people of the Philippines and to create a space for community to get together in solidarity in the wake of this climate calamity. A couple hundred Portlanders came together over the course of the morning in order to open their hearts and checkbooks. The event took place at a church that graciously donated their space and a homemade brunch was lovingly prepared by fellow 350 PDX members and served to all by the chefs with the help of our youngest, 6- &12-year old, climate activists. Over a dozen local businesses donated items for the raffle portion of our fundraiser, which also included arts and crafts made by 350 PDX members and friends. All proceeds (several thousand dollars at last count) are being sent to Doctors Without Borders.

350 PDX invited leaders and members of the local Asian Pacific-American and Filipino-American communities to the event to share with us the personal impact Typhoon Haiyan has had on the lives of their friends and family, struggling to survive and rebuild their ravaged communities, with deeply touching tributes of hope and survival in the midst of the sheer devastation. Coming together in solidarity over this immense devastation has sown the seed for growing a relationship between members of our communities. The overarching message:  Climate change is the biggest social justice issue of our time and we must listen to each other and learn from each other in order to build the type of powerful alliances we need to grow the movement.

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