It’s currently my third hour inside the Bella Center at Cop15, and I can see the 350 ties and pins out in force. I  think this means many people held on to them from Barcelona.
One of the first major moments we’re watching out for is the negotiation around the Shared Vision. This is the part of the negotiating text that contains the call for 350 ppm and for very steep emissions reductions for developed countries.
Another key element to track is the exact legal nature of the agreement–if it isn’t a legally binding agreement, there’s no guarantee that the needed action will be taken.
Finally, many of our allies in developing countries are advocating to continue negotiations under the Kyoto Protocol. There is discussion by some countries concerning moving away from the Kyoto Protocol, but developing countries are rightly suspicious of these moves, as one of the foundations of the Kyoto Protocol surrounds historical responsibility for the problem of climate change.
Stay tuned for updates–and for you twitter users, search for posts with #cop15 in the titles!

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