Is an international 350 rap battle heating up between MCs in Beijing and Berlin? Kelly just posted a blog that introduced a video from Valdivia and her Dot Dot Dash crew in Berlin as the "Official Rap Video." And I gotta admit, it’s pretty hot, featuring bikes, subways, and lines like, "Three Five Zero, yeah, three hundred and fifty. That’s the safe level because above that it gets iffy." Check out the video here: 

But the Official video? Hold the phones! Dot Dot Dash has got some serious competition from MC Se?uestration and Sustainable John who split their rapping careers between NYC and Beijing. Is that a sample from "It’s Getting Hot in Here" that I hear? Check out their spin on the 350 philosophy which debued at the October 24 rally in Beijing (read about it in Treehugger here) : 

Looks like we got a little competition here, but I’m confident our rappers will take it in stride, as Sustainable John puts it, he’s only interested in "busting carbon caps." But let’s have the people decide — pass along your favorite video or better yet, submit your own. I’ll see if we can get some of our other messengers — maybe Bill McKibben? — to drop some lines.

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