Check out the following update from 350 artist America Worden, and her October 24th story, and think about adding your 350 art to the 350 effort in Copenhagen.  If you are willing to part with your homemade 350 banner, or would like to make one explicitly for the cause, please pack and mail your banners to:, Suite 340, David Brower Center
Berkeley, CA USA 94704

We can’t promise to get your banners back to you, but we can promise that they will displayed loud and proud in marches and around the conference center in Copenhagen.  Read on for America’s story:


The quilt was displayed in Dolores Park and at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco on Oct 24th, and about 1000 people walked through it! It was just one of over 5200 actions in 182 countries– almost everywhere! The day was amazing. The night before, many of us were sewing the squares together, knowing that the sun had already risen over New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and actions were already beginning that the quilt would be part of as our side of the planet turned to meet the morning. The incredible photos from all of our work are being used to inspire the many delegates as you read this in Barcelona, where leaders are preparing for the Copenhagen talks. Please be sure to let your politicians know where you stand on climate change and that you support a 350 target in Copenhagen.

Pictures of the quilt on display can be seen on the blog: On facebook:

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle here: And there’s a you tube video that was taken after the action at Justin Herman Plaza that features the quilt really prominently (the first minute or two is the rising tide bikers having fun with the rocking bike-pedal-powered speaker system, and then they show the quilt):



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