We speak a lot about connecting the 350 number to your own life. It helps make this abstract science into something with images, stories, and most importantly, people, behind it. Because 350 is a simple number, it’s sort of a blank slate on which we can create this idea of global action and unity in the face of climate change. So, we’re incredibly impressed with the people that have made this number a part of their lives, and one of the most impressive stories is Susan Hartsfield.

Susan emailed out of the blue with the subject “Urgent!” Somewhat frightened, I opened the email, and in it she said she was sending her new book on energy conservation to the printer very soon and needed to know if she could use the 350 logo. “Of course, absolutely,” I told her, and asked about the book and what she wanted to do with the logo. It turned out that Susan was so ready to help out that she was planting a 350 watermark on every page of her self published book! Talk about making the number pop out – I think that might even best Bill McKibben’s idea of a temporary 350 tattoo on his forehead.

The book is called, “The Complete Guide to Energy Conservation for Smarties,” and she’s got a ton of practical actions that people can take in their lives for both their planet and their pocketbook. Read more about it here, and if you track a copy down, don’t forget to look for the 350 watermark. Amazing, thanks Susan!


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