“We walk to show world leaders that we refuse for Haiyan to be our way of life”

For many Filipinos, Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda is still an everyday reality. When it hit on November 8th last year it was one of the strongest tropical storms ever recorded.

A year later, the islands are still reeling: more than 15,000 people are living in tent cities. Many are from poverty-stricken areas with very limited access to resources, and are at risk for further damage from typhoons.

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In the past year, survivors of Haiyan and many people throughout the Philippines have become leading advocates  in the fight for climate justice. Last year, just a few days after Haiyan hit, Philippines’ lead climate negotiator Yeb Sano at UN summit in Warsaw gave a heart wrenching speech about the “madness” of the climate crisis.



Right now, hundreds of people are walking from Manilla to Tacloban City – ground zero of Haiyan/Yolanda destruction. Follow the Climate Walk on Facebook to support their journey

from the Climate Walk Facebook page

from the Climate Walk Facebook page

“We walk in every baranggay, municipality, city to get to know people and how climate change has been affecting their lives. We work with the local government and make them commit to implement disaster risk reduction management and climate change adaptation measures into making resilient communities. We walk for every Filipino whose lives and livelihood are at stake; for every country like the Philippines that has been damaged and continues to be damaged by climate change and its impacts.We walk to show world leaders that we refuse for Haiyan to be our way of life”

350’s Chuck Baclagon is with them on the walk. Read his reflections along the way:

Refusing to live with climate impacts as a way of life

Mountains, mangroves and storm surge survivors



People Surge, an alliance of victims, organizations & individuals of the typhoon, has been mobilizing around the anniversary. They are preparing a two-day rally in Tacloban City for the anniversary wherein 20,000 participants who are survivors of calamities from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao are expected.

Efleda Kempus Bautista of People Surge came to New York for the People’s Climate March and spoke to thousands of people about the need to fight for climate justice.



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