It’s been 50 days since Donald Trump became President. Normally the first 100 days are when presidents have the most power to push through their agenda, but so far people have risen up to halt Trump’s at every turn. Here’s just a bit of what happened last week:

There’s nothing like people in the streets, marching as one, voices raised as one for a common goal. At the end of Trump’s first 100 days on April 29, our resistance will crescendo again during the Peoples Climate March in Washington DC and across the country.

We’ll make Trump’s 100th day one that goes down in history by standing up for our jobs, justice, and the climate with immeasurable force, diversity, and passion. But this isn’t just about one day: it’s about this week when planning meetings are kicking off, April 29, and every day after.

The perfect place to start is by joining one of this week’s nationwide Peoples Climate March planning meetings if you haven’t already, or by stepping up to organize one. These meetings will be a chance to build connections with your neighbors, chart the path to making April 29 huge, and plan how you might bring the energy back home afterwards to organize for a 100% renewable energy economy in your community.

I don’t know if you’re like me, but this moment in history is unlike any in my young life. The severity of the Trump administration’s blatant attacks on people and planet are something I couldn’t have seen coming a year ago.

I’ll admit that right now it could be easy to drift into despair (and I’d be kidding myself if I said I hadn’t neared it) – but here’s what I’m keeping in mind:

  • We are the majority – we who oppose the sort of injustice presented by the Trump administration. Trump lost the popular vote by millions. We cannot let ourselves fall into being a passive majority. That’s how we lose.
  • The fossil fuel industry is going down – with a fight. They’ve cast their lot with the Trump administration because without the support of corrupt politicians, their days are numbered. And it’s happening all over the globe: the fossil fuel industry is funding a global wave of authoritarian politicians in a desperate bid for power. It’s our job to accelerate the transition away from their hate and greed before they can do more damage.
  • We have the solutions: renewable energy is more affordable and accessible than ever. Americans overwhelmingly support policies that protect our air, water, and land – which means it’s our job to mobilize the millions of people who do care and want to take action.

The Peoples Climate March on April 29 will be a historic moment where we will show unshakeable opposition to Trump’s agenda and push forward our own vision of a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all. Hundreds of thousands of people will march in Washington DC and across the country. I hope you and your friends will be among them – get started by being part of this week’s national planning meeting push.

With gratitude,


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