#EarthsRedLines Twitter Townhall

On April 24, 2017 there was the first #EarthsRedLine Twitter Town Hall involving numerous on the frontlines of fighting for social justice and climate justice. You can learn more here. #ItTakesRoots to #GrowtheResistance is a multiracial effort led by women & gender oppressed people of color and Indigenous peoples on the frontlines of racial, housing and... (More...)
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A short history of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaign

With the divestment movement now taking root on all 6 continents and the Global Divestment Mobilisation starting in less than two weeks, we’ve been working on an interactive timeline looking back at some of the key milestones achieved by the Fossil Free campaign since its launch. It’s been less than 5 years since the idea... (More...)

How we win

We tend to think that power lies with the people at the top. That it’s the big decision makers that rule the world. It’s a story we’re being told every day in the news with their focus on high-level power brokers. In this conventional view of power, Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, high court judges legalised... (More...)

North Carolinians head to D.C. with puppet theater calling attention to Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Thousands of people from North Carolina will be marching in Washington DC on April 29 for the Peoples Climate Mobilization—and hundreds of them will also performing with giant puppets, art, theater and pageantry to tell the story of their battle against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  300 pieces of hand made puppets and art will process... (More...)
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