Exxon’s CEO is meeting with Trump today.

Today Rex Tillerson — CEO of ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, and a top funder of attacks on science and climate action — is going to Trump Tower for an interview to become the next nominee for US Secretary of State. An oil baron as Secretary of State could do enormous damage. He could... (More...)
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Justice in a world powered by renewable energy

The surge in renewable energy is happening faster than anyone predicted, rapidly transforming our entire energy system. We’re currently building the systems that will power the post-fossil fuels era . But this is not ‘just’ a matter of energy sources and emissions. The energy solutions we deploy today determine whether we try to mitigate the... (More...)
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Offshore Drilling: The Fight Continues

Last Friday, the Obama administration released the final version of its offshore drilling plan, which determines where the government will allow for oil and gas drilling off America’s coasts over the next five years. The final version of the plan was a mixed bag: while the President cancelled plans for expanded drilling off the Arctic... (More...)
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16 more universities join the divestment movement!

We have some uplifting news — today student network People & Planet revealed through its University League that 16 more universities have made divestment commitments, bringing the total to 43 – a quarter of all UK unis! This is a huge moment — university commitments have more than doubled this year. It’s a  remarkable achievement and... (More...)

Thousands March in all 50 states to say #NoDAPL

Last week, tens of thousands joined over 300 rallies across all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and internationally to defend the rights of Indigenous peoples and to urge President Obama to permanently reject the Dakota Access Pipeline while he still can. Rallies began at sunrise in San Francisco, where more than 5,000 people gathered at City... (More...)
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Now is the time to do the right thing

  Last week we all witnessed how a well known climate denier, Donald Trump, was elected to lead the USA in the next four years. For the first 100 days of his administration, he has already pledged to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, to bring back the KXL pipeline, and to lift the moratorium on... (More...)