Striving towards united social justice movements in Eastern Africa

The first World Day of Social Justice was however observed in 2009.  On this globally marked day, organisation and institutions declare the urgency in promoting efforts that tackle social ills such as poverty, inequality, exclusion and peace. This year, 350 Africa, Akiba Uhaki Foundation, The Catholic university of East Africa and  other partners came together... (More...)
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A message to Big Oil: we will hold you accountable.

As world leaders gathered in Rio in June 1992 for the first global climate talks, I was still in my mother’s womb. At that time, ExxonMobil was already at the forefront of climate science. As far back as the 1970s, Exxon’s own scientists warned company executives about the dangers of fossil fuel use. Instead of... (More...)

Forging Solidarity: Taking a stand on DAPL from Japan

On Friday, February 17, an independent group of concerned citizens came together in Tokyo with indigenous Ainu of Japan and Maori of New Zealand to deliver 11,300 signatures demanding that the three major Japanese banks involved in financing the DAPL to divest from the project: Mizuho Bank, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, and Sumitomo Mitsui... (More...)
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We know who is responsible for climate chaos, and how to stop them.

With political unrest around the world and climate impacts intensifying daily, now more than ever we need to stand up to protect our shared environment and be active in shaping a just society. We know the fossil fuel industry has been corrupting our politics and delaying urgent climate solutions for decades. But as resistance grows... (More...)
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New York Takes A Major Step Forward to #DeFundDAPL and #DivestNY

By Betámia Coronel, US Reinvestment Coordinator 350.org  The inauguration was less than a month ago and it’s been a hard few weeks. We’ve witnessed the fights we fought so hard, Keystone XL and #NoDAPL, reemerge from their tombs because Trump and his Big Oil friends are more interested in profits than securing a safe and... (More...)