To win on climate change, we need to protect Environmental Defenders

Every year, hundreds of people around the world are killed and thousands more are intimidated and threatened for defending the environment from exploitation. At a time when governments need to be taking decisive action to meet basic climate change targets, and to enact a more sustainable development (as per the Sustainable Development Goals), we’re seeing... (More...)
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Yale: Whose Side Are You Really On?

Guest Post from Yale Student, Rachel Calnek-Sugin Faced with the urgency of the climate crisis and a federal government that is moving backwards on climate issues, this a moment when we turn to our institutions to lead.  And Yale has positioned itself as a leader: David Swensen, Yale’s Chief Investment Officer, wrote public letters in... (More...)

What a week(end)!

What a week! And what a weekend! We never expected that our week of action – the Global Divestment Mobilisation – would end this way. After a great week with actions at 3 pension funds, 5 universities, a creative ‘head out of the sand’ action in The Hague and more – on Friday night it... (More...)