The climate breakdown and the COVID-19 pandemic are interconnected crises that have exacerbated unemployment, pollution, and the energy crisis. All of these call for solutions rooted in justice and solidarity. We’ve sounded the alarm countless times that decisive measures from governments must be implemented to overcome these multifaceted challenges.

A Green Deal in Russia will prioritize energy independence and sustainability. Instead of fossil fuels, we will fast track renewable energy systems. Instead of monopolies, we will prioritize small- and medium-sized businesses. Instead of traffic jams, we will advance accessible railway systems, comfortable public transport, bicycles, and e-vehicles.

This time is crucial for all of us to act. We have a chance to step away from the obsolete economy which pollutes the air in cities, creates hundreds of landfills and generates social and legal inequalities. The implementation of a Green Deal paves the way for us to have a safe and comfortable environment, fair salaries and working conditions, energy independence, and beneficial relations with the EU countries. This way, we can prepare for future crises and build an equitable and prosperous future.

The Green Deal for Russia includes:

  • A just transition to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050 and the end of the fossil fuel energy supply.
  • Transformation of the business-as-usual economy to a circular economy with sustainable consumption of resources and zero waste.
  • Small- and medium-sized enterprises that form the foundation of the economy, with fair-paying, sustainable jobs.
  • Energy-efficient and affordable housing adapted to climate change.
  • Zero environmental pollution with toxic substances — clean air, water, and soil.
  • Recovery and preservation of natural ecosystems and biodiversity, and animal rights protection.
  • A local, healthy and sustainable food supply system.
  • Sustainable and smart mobility — a change of transportation philosophy and systems.
  • Education and science that ensure the innovative implementation of the Green Deal.
  • An affordable, just and accessible health care system.
  • A legal system that favours the environment, social justice, and gender justice — equality of all before the law.

Does this sound like the future you want to live in? Sign the Just Recovery Principles if you support the Green Deal and a just recovery for Russia.


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