Dear Friends,

Delayed gratification is not easy for me — I want to win the climate fight right now, instead of watching sadly as forests burn and houses flood.

But watching my wife, Sue, teach our dog Birke this new trick (you have to watch the video) reminded me that patience is a virtue. Not too much — the climate crisis is a timed test — but enough not to walk away in frustration at political inaction or the slowness of social change.

Watch this short message from me on why this moment is so important, and donate to support’s work:

Because despite the year’s manifold frustrations, there are some good signs. In fact, it feels to me like we’re finally having a moment on climate change: the terrible California fires, coinciding with massive reports from the UN and the federal government on our climate peril, seem to have reached more people.

It’s true that Donald Trump is a dangerous climate denier — but that actually seems to be convincing most Americans that the climate crisis is very real and very risky.

So now’s the time to press forward hard and fast. We need your active participation in the climate movement — that’s by far the most important thing, as the young people flooding Capitol Hill for a Green New Deal are showing daily.

One way you can participate is by helping to fund this important work. We need some resources as we scale up our collective efforts to address the magnitude of the problem. remains (gulp) the biggest group on planet earth whose only mission is fighting climate change. We’re not actually all that big (there are about 160 staffers), and we pinch pennies hard. So if you have some spare ones, send them our way.

And give your dog a biscuit for me!

With thanks,

Bill McKibben

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