Photo from Miadhu News

As if the President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, weren’t already demonstrating his leadership to fellow world leaders through commitment to make his country carbon neutral and through his powerful speech at the United Nations General Assembly this week — back home the President is gearing for action and mobilization.

The President and his office are leading the charge on plans for a spectacular underwater 350 action on the 24th of October.  The whole day’s program will  be a 24 hour nationwide effort, including a relay of Maldivian citizens diving beneath the waves encroaching on their endangered islands and forming a 3, and then a 5, and then a 0.  By the end of the day they’ll be able to form an underwater aerial 350 formation.  And that’s not all — more activities will be incorporated, including a photo exhibition, a 350-decorated floating vessel made of plastic bottles, and people will be writing post cards to world leaders around the world.  

And even before the 24th of October, there’s more…

Already the President is holding press conferences (knee need in the water) with the national media, announcing his plans for an underwater cabinet meeting one week before the 24th.  In that event he and the country’s ministers will sign a resolution calling for CO2 level to be reduced to below 350 ppm.  And the President himself will deliver the resolution to governments at the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December.

Creativity, political impact, community participation, meaningful messages and education, media coverage, action photos, and fun — just the kind of actions this movement needs and that we are excited to see pop up more and more around the globe!

And to pull all this off the organizers are seriously prepared. They even have a powerpoint presentation for the action.  This underwater cabinet meeting plan is no joke, just look at the sketch…

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