With nearly 50 countries to cover the European 350 network is working hard on getting everyone focused on the big Global Work Party day. As people are coming back from summer holidays more and more work parties from more and more european countries are registered on our webpage. 

From car-free days in Germany to clean-up actions in Italy more and more Work Party ideas are coming in and here are some of our favorite work party ideas in Europe so far:

In Berlin people will be meeting for a "climate-speed-dating". Berlin citizen's will make their climate love match with experts in the field of practical climate solutions on the local level. In a 5 min. question- and- answer game participants will be able to ask all of those questions we normally never dare to ask – "is it really better to switch of the lights every time I leave a room?". 


In Edinburgh next to a big tree-planting action a carrot-mob will be organized by local activists. Pubs have been asked how far they'll go to cut their carbon as part of the 10/10/10 climate competition. The pub that is willing to contribute the most of its additional profits on the day to be reinvested into energy efficiency/waste reduction measures will be the winner and host of the next carrot-mob in Edinburgh. 

In the south of France  Jean-Louis will give a tour around his energy self-sufficient farm to demonstrate how easy it is to produce your own energy from renewable sources. This event especially speaks to other local farmers and invites them to get active themselves on their farms. 


And last but not least in the Navarra valley organizer Manolo got already started promoting renewable energy usage by inviting all his friends, family an neighbors to a big barbecue prepared on solar cookers. Let's see with what kind of great action idea he's coming up for 10/10/10. 

So if you are based in Europe on 10/10/10 check on our map for great Work Parties near you here

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