sites/all/files/kabul_afghanistan_oct_24.The following is a post recently sent in by our good friend and Afghanistan 350 and 10/10/10 organizer, Sayed Masood in Kabul.

Afghan Youth face many challenges – most of which need no explanation. But there is one crisis that looms large without much attention here in Afghanistan, climate change—until, that is, October 24: International Day of Climate Action. In the developing and least-developed countries, many blame the West for the many injustices they believe have been committed against earth and nature.  Some of that is justified, but we must avoid blaming whole societies or there will be little progress.

Afghan youth have joined international efforts whenever they were needed. I feel that we as individuals may not be bring all the necessary change, but when we join forces behind 350 we can certainly put pressure on politicians. We should understand the issue, understand our part in it, and get to work.

Young people are increasingly adding their voices to the call for action on climate change. So, last year, it was time for me to add my voice to the call, to bring together people, and to spread awareness among our communities and pressure our politicians.

It was a tough and dangerous challenge to bring together young people, media, and high level governmental authorities. We left the city boundary of Kabul to form a huge 3-5-0 in the Hindu Kush mountains.  It was the first ever science-focused demonstration and climate action in the history of Afghanistan. Afghan youth and politicians joined us hoping that our risky mission could bring results.  It required great courage and bravery throughout this difficult time, but it was also just a beginning.

After October 24 some friends and I even managed to add our voices to the thousands of committed youth in Copenhagen.  Unfortunately, world leaders turned a deaf ear. Many times world leaders have failed to listen to the voices of Afghan youth throughout history and have only realized its importance, urgency, and risk when it has been too late. Now, I work and invite others to get to work on 10/10/10, and call on politicians everywhere to get to work and not fail to hear us this time—before it is too late.

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