The Center for Environmental Issues and Regional Development (AUI CEIRD) at Alakhawayn University joins the list of action partners in Africa. Led by Doctor Bachir Raissouni, Executive Director of AUI CEIRD, along with dedicated environmental students at Alakhawayn University, the center launched a series of workshops climate change and tourism in Casablanca, and and on carbon credit projects. The AUI CEIRD is committed to promoting 350, and working with university students to spread the message.

This summer AUI CEIRD will lead a series of workshops on the 350ppm target at Alakhawayn University, Casablanca, Rabat and other cities, dubbing the workshops “Eco 350.” Participants will also plant trees on campus and in downtown.

Next Fall, AUI CEIRD will initiate a join campaign 350 and Clean up the world, a great workshop on Carbon credits, Climate change and local impacts. At the same time, the center will lead a campaign clean up forest and green spaces, plant trees and run an art competition.


The Center for Environmental Issues & Regional Development (AUI CEIRD) is a unit of Alakhawayn University, Ifrane Morocco located within the Ifrane campus at the Middle Atlas region, North East of Morocco. It has been launched in July 2001 with the aim of implementing an environmental strategy at the University, in the region and at the national scale in close collaboration with international institutions and local stakeholders.

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