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The world’s powerful – finance ministers and central bank governors from the biggest G20 economies – will meet next week to discuss spending to stimulate the global economy from the coronavirus slowdown.

Our futures, our work, and our lives hang in the balance. We can’t leave it to a small elite group to gamble away, with the usual bailouts for fossil fuel companies and corporate executives that damage our planet and worsen racism and inequality.

Take action during the G20 meeting

It’s time to raise our voices and demand they invest in a Just Recovery
– and unleash a wave of people power strong enough to challenge the big banks and corporations that typically have the ear of government ministers.

Here’s what you can do right now: Get on social media and talk about what a Just Recovery means to you. What does the world you want to see look like? What is your message for financial leaders?

Include a photo of yourself, a banner, or a video message – and use #JustRecovery and #G20 hashtags in your posts. You can even create and customise your own Just Recovery mask, change your Facebook profile photo, or share art you make with your friends. Everything you need to get started is in our online action and arts guide:

Online Arts and Action Guide


What else is happening?

Pipeline problems: Activists are celebrating as 3 major pipeline projects in the United States have been halted this week. A federal court sided with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and ordered the Dakota Access Pipeline to suspend operations, while the Supreme Court upheld a ruling that’ll put Keystone XL construction on hold. And two utility companies announced the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast gas pipeline.

Our money: Thousands have already signed on to a global petition addressed to the G20 economic leaders at their virtual summit from July 18-19, hosted by Saudi Arabia. Our demands for a Just Recovery include community investment in healthcare, affordable housing, green jobs, clean energy and transport – as well as calls to end the debt burden on countries whose stolen people and natural resources enabled the G20 countries’ vast wealth. Read more and sign


An immoral investment: The Vatican has issued a call on Catholic institutions across the globe to divest from fossil fuels. It’s a powerful statement that profiting off the planet’s destruction, especially in these times, is not just immoral but incompatible with efforts to put community health first in the coronavirus recovery. More

Climate impacts: Temperatures in the Arctic Circle hit 100˚F (38˚C), the highest ever recorded, raising alarms about permafrost melt and sea level rise. Meanwhile, in Japan, devastating floods have claimed at least 50 lives as rescue efforts are complicated by fears of spreading coronavirus.

Love not fear:
Organisers in the Philippines projected this beautiful banner late last month to challenge discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and celebrate Pride Month. Hologram projections like these are a powerful tactic for organizing, especially when people can’t easily gather together in person. Here’s a guide on how to do it if you’d like to try it yourself.

No coal! Last Friday, youth in Bangladesh coordinated a digital strike against Matabari coal plant. It’s being funded by Japan’s International Cooperation Agency, even amid a mass campaign demanding the country stop funding coal at home and abroad. More

Inside Story

Youth climate striker Mia Werger tells her powerful, personal story through sketch and narration. The climate crisis and other systemic injustice comes with a big psychological toll – but reckoning with it can help us transform. Take 5 minutes to watch – and check out more stories from the Youth Climate Strike Storytelling Hub.



One to Watch

Even though we have different languages, we can all speak up to demand a better future. Watch this multilingual video from activists around the globe as they call on world finance leaders to support a Just Recovery. You can also share it with friends and family so the message goes far and wide. Remember to use #JustRecovery when you share.



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