What should become a landmark global warming film is premiering in a little under two weeks.  It’s called the Age of Stupid, and, like its unusual name, much about the film doesn’t fit the industry standard on flimmaking.
For instance, it has been funded by concerned citizens and activists, and will financially benefit concerned citizens and activists if it makes it big – they call it crowd-funding.  It will also premier getting as many people involved as possible.  No exclusive red carpet and high-priced seats for the Age of Stupid – their ‘green carpeted’ premier will show in as many places in the world as people are willing to show it.
And lastly, it needs your input.  They need to know, from as many countries as possible, which public figures are ‘stupid’ on climate change, and which are ‘not stupid.’  It’s time we became more direct in our movement, and ‘stupid’ and ‘not stupid’ is about as direct as you can get.  Here’s the explanation from the team behind the film:
“Dear International Climate Activist
The team behind new climate change film The Age of Stupid need your local knowledge for a powerful new campaign.
The Age of Stupid will be seen by 250 million people around the world, and we’re aiming to turn every single one of them into climate activists with our Not Stupid campaign. In just a matter of weeks, tens of thousands of people will be visiting our campaign website and filling out “Stupid” and “Not Stupid” certificates to the three best and worst public figures from each country, flooding inboxes with a global mass lobbying campaign based upon securing the right deal at Copenhagen.

But for this groundbreaking plan to work, we need your local knowledge.
We want you to tell us about the climate heroes and villains in your country

Who is making serious progress on climate change in your country impossible?
Who is standing up and fighting the good fight and needs the recognition?
Submit your nominations using our online form and let us know.
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