Below is the email we sent out to our list today. Couldn’t be more excited about the events this wekend!

This weekend’s action to stop the Keystone XL pipeline is going to be HUGE. But even if you can’t come to DC to help circle the White House there’s lots you can do from a distance. 

Show your solidarity wherever you are by using our sign-generator to make and share a customized image: 

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Dear friends,

I’m psyched about the action this weekend.

Thousands of people are converging on Washington DC on Sunday to completely surround the White House. We’ll let President Obama know, in no uncertain terms, that we’re holding him to the promises he made — and we’ll demand that he stand up to Big Oil and stop the Keystone XL pipeline. The crowd circling the White House will be carrying signs with quotes from the President’s 2008 campaign, quotes like “let this be the generation that finally frees itself from the tyranny of oil.” It’s going to be absolutely beautiful.

I know lots of people in the 350 network are excited about this weekend’s action — and I also know that lots of you won’t be able to join us in DC. That’s OK, since there’s lots of ways to plug in wherever you happen to be this weekend. 

Here’s what you can do from wherever you are:

1) Make a customized sign.  We just put together a customized sign generator that lets you make good-looking signs to share online and post up wherever you are.Make your own sign here. 

2) Spread the word on social networks. Our friends at Tar Sands Action are assembling a digital army for the weekend to respond to late breaking developments and share exciting news as it happens. Join in here. 

3) Watch the action on a live-stream. We’ll be broadcasting the events and we’ll do our best to capture the action as it unfolds.

4) Join a solidarity action. We know there are organizers pulling together events in cities around the USA — and even some around the world. This movement is growing so fast it’s a bit hard to keep track of it all, but we’ll keep this page updated as we learn about new events. 

Let’s face it: we can’t win this fight in DC alone. In fact, people outside of DC have a crucial role to play — we’ll have thousands of people surrounding the White House, but we’ll need many thousands more spreading the word and standing in solidarity. Together, we’ll send an unignorable message to President Obama: stand up to Big Oil and stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

The action is shaping up to be huge. In the last week, we’ve had BIG media hits, support from major unions, and thousands of new people signing up to join in. It really feels like the tide is turning — no guarantees we’ll win, but it’s amazing that we’ve come this far. There will be lots more to do at the local level after this weekend’s action, and we’ll keep you posted about upcoming teach-ins and actions in the days and weeks to come.

Thanks for everything you’ve done, wherever you are, to help stop this pipeline.


Jamie Henn for the team at

P.S. If you CAN come to DC, and you haven’t signed up yet — we’d love to have you. Sign up here so we can get you all the info you need:

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