That’s for one Africa, one voice, one position.  And that’s exactly what’s beginning to become undone as African countries, and all of the most vulnerable nations, are coming under increasingly intense pressure by rich countries to accept a deal that will not safeguard their survival.  Yesterday, we saw just the beginning of some dirty tricks when Ethiopia, who leads the African block, received calls from Obama and Sarkozy, and subsequently broke distinctly from the African position which had been very strong and united.  Our friends at the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance rallied against this type of bullying just a few minutes ago in the hallways of the Bella Center, to call for African negotiators to stand up to this pressure, and to keep their position that sticks to the science and safeguards the survival of vulnerable African nations plagued by drought and other impacts.  Here’s a quick video update from inside the negotiations, with an interview from amazing Addis Ababa 350 organizer Lily:

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