This year, is developing some big plans to work with artists to really spread the idea of 350, climate change, and living sustainably on the planet.  The idea is an art project at a planetary scale – think visible from space, and heard all over the world.  Pique your interest?  Be in touch with us.  To really kick off our work with artists this year, we're happy to announce a fundraising effort, thanks to the generosity and dedication of arts website ArtWeLove and Swiss artist Michel Huelin.  This partnership will help get some of these big artist engagement plans off the ground – read on for more info from ArtWeLove:

In honor of the global 40th anniversary celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2010, ArtWeLove and artist Michel Huelin have partnered with in a pledge to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of his latest editions to’s cause.

Founded in 2008 as a grassroots movement, is an international environmental campaign whose goal is to unite a worldwide movement around a single goal: reducing carbon to 350ppm, the level of CO2 that scientists agree is safe for our atmosphere. Donations generated from the sale of the prints will support's efforts in educating the international community on the global climate crisis and inspiring people around the world to get involved in making changes within their communities.

With a career that spans 20 years, Swiss artist Michel Huelin is among the most prolific artists in Switzerland today. An artist who has also studied biology, much of his work challenges the viewer to consider our unique ability to impact and manipulate our environment. Never placing judgment, but always asking the right questions, his digital brushstrokes plunge us into a virtual world of hybrid objects, both real and surreal, creating a sort of vegetation that the artist refers to as Phenotypic Variations.

Founded in 2008, ArtWeLove is one of the fastest growing art websites. Its mission is to democratize access to today's most interesting art scenes. Its edition house, Shop.ArtWeLove, makes fine art available to a greater number of collectors by producing limited edition prints with museum artists whose works are typically out of the general public’s reach. These editions are all unique collaborations, supervised directly by the artists and are paired with a signed certificate of authenticity. They are priced affordably from $50 to $600.

Both Phenotypic Variations are available as limited edition digital C-prints exclusively for sale at starting at $50.

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