One of the most spectacular Work Parties held on 10/10/10 in Azerbaijan was organized by IRELI Public Union in the nation's capital, Baku. The event, titled “Think Green”, began – very symbolically – at 10:10 am and ended at 10:10 pm.


At the start of day more than 200 participants of the event were informed about the movement 350 and Global Work Party. Then they participated in training sessions organised by experts on topics “Protect the Planet” and “Climate Change”.

At the end of the training sessions all participants were divided into three teams and started the game in the city called “green treasure-hunters”. In conclusion, the participants of the event got together and created the big figure 350 and also had a photo session, entitled “Be a part of history” and watched the film “The Age of Stupid”.


All participants of the event at 10.00 pm turned off the lights for 10 minutes to save energy and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We note that the aim of the action is a proof that the country's youth leaders in the region of South Caucasus work not only with local and regional problems, but with global issues as well – and are ready to work on climate solutions in their country!

And here's our video message to the world:

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