After a number of amazing actions in Bangladesh on October 24th, the dedicated organizers there are still campaigning on 350, and their hard work is showing results too! Immediately following the photo deliveries of the 350 actions, by organizers like Shovan from the Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust, several politicians from the Bangladesh Parliament came together to form the first-ever-in-the-country government level Bangladesh Climate Action Group.

This is the link to the news article in a leading Bangladesh newspaper the Daily Star

Currently, as preparations are underway for the Copenhagen UN cilmate conference, the 350 organizing team there is meeting with several southern coastal people and Parliament members of that region for delivering the 350 photos, their slogan being ”We want to live & save the world."  Another big 350 action is being planned for the 3rd of December. It is always inspiring to see grassroots work have a direct impact on the actions of politicians.  Kudos to the Bangladesh Organizers!

And here is a video showing both the challenges coastal people in Bangladesh face today as well as the news of this new Bangladesh Climate Action Group:

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