24 hours after we joined forces with partners at the Sierra Student Coalition to Stand with Lisa Jackson against big polluters, the EPA’s new mercury rule was back in the news. The issue in question concerns a review of five particular plans throughout the U.S., after information has provided by industry.  It is clear that industry pressure is not letting up one bit, and it makes the cause for this campaign even more clear. Lisa Jackson is a key figure within the EPA and has in a number of occasions pledged to bring the concerns of people against those of polluters. Read more about it here.

This move by the EPA is not a good sign and we need to keep up the focus of our campaigns against polluters, so that we can show a stark choice between the priorities of coal companies, and the concerns of all of us as we strive to address the climate crisis.

This summer has given many more Americans many more reasons to understand what climate change can do, and we need to be using every tool at our disposal to reduce emissions. The EPA’s mercury rule helps do that, and we will work with our allies to make sure the rule in question doesn’t weaken.

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