If you're like me, you're really excited about this upcoming weekend. Not only are there more World Cup matches to watch, but hundreds of Hands Across the Sand event are taking place across the country, and the world. Saturday is shaping up to be the largest day of action against off-shore drilling that the US has ever seen.

But here's a surprise: the same news site that covers football (and, eh hem, soccer…), ESPN, also posted about Hands! That's how you know it's hit the big time.

Participating on Saturday is easy–just look for a local event, and show up at 11 AM to join hands with your neighbors. Next week, the US Senate takes up climate and energy legislation, and, dare we say, this may be "THE moment." We've got to show all the support we can for a scientifically based policy to finally, finally, get the US off of fossil fuels.

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