Dear friends,

I just got back from latest round of UN climate meetings in Bangkok, and now I need to catch up on all of the 350-news I missed while I was gone.   It’s hard to believe how much can happen in one week for 350: hundreds of new actions, high-level endorsements, major media hits, research reports on the feasibility of 350, and a LOT more.

And I just received some incredible  news: in less than two weeks (on October 24th, the International Day of Climate Action), we will broadcast our message in a way that is worthy of this amazing movement…

(drumroll please…)

The team has just secured permission to display the 350 photos from around the world on the MASSIVE screens in the heart of New York City, with global media standing by to capture broadcast the story worldwide!  That means that your photo can appear 30 feet (about 10 meters!) tall for the world to see.  We’ve always said that we want to inject this number deep into the information bloodstream of the planet, and Times Square is about as close to the heart of that bloodstream as you can get.

The photos from the big day will all have the number 350 depicted in them somehow, and will act as a huge visual petition that we’ll send to world leaders. On the Monday after October 24th, the crew will be visiting UN headquarters to hand-deliver the photos to diplomats and delegates the world over.

If you haven’t already started or linked up one of the 1800+ local actions, it’s not too late-lots can be done in just two weeks.  In fact, the European crew just whipped up a fantastic guide to quick, fun, and easy actions you can organize in 2 weeks or less. Highlights include: zero-carbon picnics (like Jean in Bordeaux!), a hike for 350 (like Pavel in Kazakastan!), edible art (like Sylvia in Switzerland!), postcards to politicians (like Urszula in Poland!)…

Start an action!  Join an action!  Read the

The important thing is to have fun, bring people together, and when you are done upload a photo to with "350" somehow depicted in it.  Our crew will be working alongside local  event organizers to make sure that these photos appear in newspapers large and small on October 25th-the same newspapers that politicians all over the world use as a barometer of public opinion.

To change the world, the 350 movement depends on creative organizers (that’s you!) and powerful images to show to decision makers.  With your photos, we will finally put the focus where it needs to be: on the science and the citizens, not the special interests and the backroom deals.  And to make sure your photo really packs a punch, our crew has assembled some tips for taking a great 350 action photo.

Even more important than putting your photos the screens in New York, our team will make these images count in the weeks before the start of the huge UN Climate meeting in Copenhagen in December.  These images will remind world leaders that they need to take physical reality-and not political expediency-into account when they’re making decisions about our collective future.

I can’t wait to see your pictures on the big screen on October 24th!


Jamie Henn for the Team

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