#TheTimeIsNow: BNI Stop Funding Coal Twitterstorm

Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) is found to be one of six banks in Indonesia that still provides credit to coal companies. This must stop now.

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#TheTimeIsNow #GaPakeNanti

Join us for a #TheTimeIsNow Twitterstorm to urge the Bank Negara Indonesia to stop funding coal and lead the shift to fund safe renewable energy. Tweet with us today using the following tips and sample posts below:

  • Tag @BNI 

  • Hashtag #TheTimeIsNow or #GaPakeNanti

  • Demand that BNI stops financing coal everywhere.

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Sample Tweets

Hi @BNI, IPCC’s latest scientific report on the climate crisis shows worsening impacts on people & planet. Carbon emissions that cause the climate crisis must be stopped and reduced immediately. #StopFundingCoal #StopFundingClimateCrisis change.org/timeisnow


Various disasters are in sight, there is no reason for @BNI to continue funding the coal industry that destroys the environment and climate #StopFundingCoal #StopFundingClimateCrisis change.org/timeisnow


Hi @BNI let’s choose a better future without climate disasters. #TheTimeIsNow #StopFundingCoal #StopFundingClimateCrisis change.org/timeisnow


We have a solution to the #ClimateCrisis, and banks like @BNI have an important role to support this solution – by stopping coal finance and switching to renewable energy #TheTimeIsNow change.org/timeisnow


We want a future free of dangerous fossil fuels. We demand @BNI to shift its funds to real sustainable finance practices. #TheTimeIsNow #StopFundingCoal #StopFundingClimateCrisis change.org/timeisnow